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December 11, 2014

Sup, everyone!

So another week's gone by in the MTC already! It feels like I was just barely sitting here and writing an email home, and that was seven whole days ago! The time is sooo weird here--every day feels like ten lifetimes, and the weeks are blinks of an eye. Hope everything's going well down in 'Zona!

We've actually been really lucky to have nice-ish weather here this week. I still think it's pretty cold, but everyone tells me I should be super grateful because it's so warm. We haven't had any snow yet, so that's good news! But it's still freezing every morning haha.

We're doing lots of learning every day here! It feels kind of discouraging at times to think about how much we know with the language, but then we remember that we're actually learning a super hard language and that it's okay! It's kind of fun to be able to say the few phrases and words that we know in Hungarian. We practice all the time--at the soccer field during gym, during lunch, in the hallways... In fact, we've even adopted some wacky Hungarian phrases into our English (and Spanish) vocabulary! "Nem" in Hungarian means "no," so we've started saying things like "awh, nem!" anytime something goes wrong. ...People must think we're dyslexic with mental issues and saying "awh, man!" incorrectly hahaha. And "igen!" That means "yes" in Hungarian, so I'll be saying hi to the Spanish elders in the hallways and then I'll throw in an "igen" instead of "si" and it makes me kind of sad/happy/excited because it means that I'm learning Hungarian! Pretty cool stuff. :)

So I totally drop-kicked the ladder in our dorm last night after showering. I'm pretty sure I hurt it, but I didn't come out of the fight totally unharmed, either. My pinky toe started bleeding all over the place, and I think they might have to amputate. It's rough here. ;) No but it really did start bleeding all over the dorm lol.

My companion's been an awesome help this week! He knows a TON about everything and anything that you could possibly think of. We'll be talking about something, and he'll just totally stop the conversation and explain why what we're saying is technically incorrect somehow. Might seem kind of annoying, but it's actually kind of cool because he teaches us random stuff, like: "Well, actually, Elder Priest, a narwhal's horn is a tooth..." and weird stuff like that hahaha. Actually, we were at the bookstore yesterday and he really needed to buy something I guess, but he had forgotten his wallet all the way across campus. At first, I was like, "awh, nem!" because it was getting late and we were supposed to be back to the dorms soon, but then I remembered that Grandma Likes had mailed me a letter and some money to use here! I pulled out her letter and the money that she had sent and gave it to Elder Winegar to use for his supplies. It's nice that the Lord has ways of helping you, even if we don't realize that until we're in the moment! Grandma's letter and gift was just a little thing, but it ended up making a big difference for my friend when he needed help!

Elder Martineau is such an awesome guy. He's like our big brother, and he kind of picks on us from time to time because he's bigger and stronger than we are. But we really love him because, even though he's a big tough guy, he's still super nice and he'd do anything to help us! And he's hilarious. One of his girlfriends (plural) from home mailed him a breakfast burrito today hahaha. He just opened his package, calmly took out the burrito, and went downstairs to the microwave like it's a normal thing and everyone should be used to getting breakfast wraps in their mailboxes lol.

Elder Winkel is a softie. He's got his girlfriend, Lizzie, at home that he talks about all the time, and the sisters in our district love to hear about it. He's honestly kind of worried about her at times, but we just tell him that everything will work out in some way or another, and that he's probably fine. His family sent him some Krispy Kreme donuts the other day, and we thought it'd be nice to share it with some new elders who just flew in from Japan. They were so scared and slammed the door on us! I guess they don't trust us American folk yet. After some coaxing, we got them to take the donuts and they went NUTSO. I guess Japan doesn't have sugary foods like that, I dunno haha...

Elder Deitrich is getting so good at his English! He learns new words every day, and the best thing that he does is ask when he doesn't understand something. He wrote his girlfriend back in Germany and asked for some of the lyrics to Imagine Dragons songs, and now I'm teaching him how to sing all of their best tunes. I taught him how to beatbox, and we just jam out all the time hahaha. He says he wants to come visit Mesa someday after the mission's over! In return, he's also invited me to visit all the cool places in Germany. Good trade, right?

We had an awesome Christmas devotional on Sunday night this week! We watched some really cool video clips about how we can be more Christlike during the Christmas season, and we got a huge surprise when they had Vocal Point come to visit! Then, on Tuesday, we had another devotional focused on feeling the season even in a place as different as this, and the MTC presidency invited some little girl to come sing (I don't remember her name, but I think she was twelve.) She had one of the best voices I've ever heard! All 2100 of us missionaries were pretty much crying by the time she was done singing her songs for us, because she was so sincere and humble yet so talented at sharing music with us. It was one of the best Christmas presents so far.

If you haven't seen it yet, look up the video clip on YouTube called "#ShareTheGift." It's an incredibly done short movie that's not more than 5 minutes long, but it definitely teaches how to share the true meaning of Christmas more! It's a great time to give and get gifts, but it's also important that Heavenly Father gave us the best gift of all: the Savior. The best part is that he knows exactly what we're going through! Even in the hard times and sad times, he's right there beside us for every step of the journey.

Time is short here to email, so I'll have to bring this email to a close! Just remember that I love you all and wish you a very merry Christmas! It's really the best time of the year! Hope to hear from you all soon, send pictures and letters! Sok szeret! Keremes karacsonyt!

Priest Elder

Kinnon's district on P-Day

Elder Priest and his companion, Elder Winegar

"Merry Christmas" in Hungarian 

The Elders' Christmas decorations from family

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