Friday, January 23, 2015

January 22, 2015

Sziasztok ujra!

Another week's gone! In fact, we're almost out of the MTC, and I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD COME. Don't get me wrong, this place is great, but it is SO time to go haha. 10 weeks here have felt like 10 lifetimes, and we are just stoked to head to Hungary.

We've been studying like crazy this past week. Not like we haven't been working this whole time, but this past week especially it finally started to click that our learning time is almost up and now it's mostly time to practice with real-life stuff. That is beyond scary, because our teachers tell us we still are speaking like little Hungarian children might. It'll be okay though! I think it's good to get the basics down here, and then the rest will hopefully fall into place as we're using and learning new words every day there.

With it being our last week here, we've been making sure that we're all packed up and ready to go. Our final week's schedule here in the MTC is a little bit more relaxed in that we have about 2 hours every day to make sure that our bags are all packed and that our residence dorms and classrooms are all cleaned out for departure on Monday morning. It's been kind of fun to get to put all of our clothes and shoes and ties and stuff all into suitcases again, because it feels like we're leaving on an adventure, but then it just makes us play the waiting game that no one really likes to do...

We also got to speak with and teach some Hungarians via Skype this week! I'm not quite sure what kind of Hungarian they were speaking, but it definitely sounded like some new language altogether hahaha. Me and my companion did pretty well--we had a hard time understanding a few of the words that they used and there were a couple of times that we didn't know exactly what the people were saying, but it was way fun to just get to try speaking the "real" Hungarian.

Anyways, just another week of experiences here in the MTC! Not much left to write, we've just been packing and studying all week. We're heading out earlyyyyy on Monday morning (3:30 a.m.), so we'd better get back to packing all of our stuff up! Keep looking for ways that there are little tiny miracles in your life! We see a lot of them here, and I know for sure they're in everyone's lives if they're just willing to look for them and find them. Remember that it's not about us! It's about helping others and thinking about what the Savior would do. Smile and have an awesome week full of adventures! Same time next week, this email will be coming from southeast Europe! :)

Foggy MTC

Elder Priest's travel itinerary! 

Elder Priest with Vanem Marchionda and
Vanam Willder

Scenic picture from MTC

Kinnon and his MTC class

Elder Priest and Vanhin Nissen found ice chunks 

Elder Priest sporting his orange tie
with another elder

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