Friday, February 6, 2015

February 2, 2015

Here are some pictures Elder Priest sent home from his first week in
 Hungary. No emails yet, but he did provide the commentary for these photos:

Sweet Bmwi in the airport at Munich!

Back side of the church... way cool. Check out that ceiling!

The subway, like 6 stories underneath the city of Budapest

First picture with new companion! Elder Gonzalez is from Toronto, but his mom is Hungarian and his dad is Cuban, who fled the island and sought asylum while trying to study in Hungary. He met his mom, they got married, and moved to Canada. He speaks English, fluent Hungarian and has spoken that since he was born, some Spanish, and some French.

The Hogwarts-looking staircases at the fisherman's bastion!

This is what the streets of Buda looked like at
night when we were walking around. Way pretty.

No but really, its like Hogwarts.

Elder Gaytan, one of the AP's, went to Mesa High!

Our chapel! It's about half full on Sundays.

View from the nice hotel that we stayed in on the first night. 
Way nice hotel, way cool view! Morning fog, but you can see the 
parliament building in the distance and old churches too.

Budapest parliament building from across the Duna River!

Cool courtyard at the Buda castle

This is the very pretty mission home! he mission 
presidents have this huge wayyy pretty home on the top floor.

Roman Catholic church in Nyiregyhaza city square

All of the missionaries in Nyiregyhaza taking a 
picture together by the frozen lake

The Hogwarts-looking staircases at the fisherman's bastion!

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