Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

So this week was too fast! We were kept pretty busy with different programs all over the city, including zone conference on Friday at Hajnoczy József. Real fast to sum up the cool things of this week:

We helped an old lady move one of the dressers from her house out to the street, because she didn't want it anymore. Why she wanted it put there, I have no idea, but it was quite a project.

We had the loudest English class of all time with a ton of crazy, rowdy little kids running around the place.

There was a pretty big rainstorm that came through Budapest on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday, which means that we were wet for a couple of days.

We went to an "escape house" for p-day today, which was awesome. Basically, you pay a fee to be locked in a room with a group, and you have to think and be smart and find the clues and keys in the room to unlock your way out. Lots of fun.

In short, we're doing well and looking forward to General Conference with some of our good friends that we meet with here in Kispest! We're on a delay since there's a time lapse because of translation, but we'll be watching the same thing just a few hours behind the rest of you all! Should be great. :)

Gotta run, but hope everyone has a great week and that life is good and you're happy. Be good and help people:) Love you guys!

I think that some of the subway metro stops in
Budapest look like the hovercarrier from Avengers

Popped our heads into the Hungarian State Opera House 
as we were streeting one day, that was cool

Practicing my writing in old Hungarian 

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