Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015


Wanted to drop a quick email your way and let ya know how everything's going! :]

Hungary's great, even when the weather's not. We've been having a lot of cloudy, rainy days lately, which the Hungarian people tend to really not like. I think it's great! People ask why I like the rain so much, and I just say "a sivatagbol jottem." (ah she-vah-tahg-bowl-yo-tehm... I'm from the desert) and they just kind of laugh. They think Arizona is like Egypt.

We found someone who speaks Spanish this week! That's probably the biggest thing I can talk about, that was SO cool. It's pretty hard sometimes to communicate with the people here since I'm still not very strong with the Hungarian language, but speaking Spanish was right up my alley and made me feel like a fish put back into water. The guy we met with, Tolido, is actually one of Elder Gonzalez's dad's best friends, who fled Cuba with Gonzalez's dad during the 80's when stuff got crazy down there. Tolido's been living in Hungary ever since--married a Hungarian girl and studied at a university in Debrecen. Now he's living in Nyiregyhaza, and we were able to arrange to meet with him! We had a great program with him and his wife, talking about how he's been doing and what he thought of his whole experience. Tolido isn't a Mormon, but he made sure that we knew how much he loves God and how grateful he is to have the opportunities that he does. We ended up having a great time speaking Spanish for a while, eating some Hungarian food made by a Cuban, and I even got to play his piano in his house! It couldn't have really been better at all. Very happy that we got to use our Spanish, and very happy that we made a new friend with Tolido. :)

With that happy thought in mind, I hope it's another great week in Arizona! Keep me updated if any more llamas are running rampant through the city. Szeretlek titeket! Jo legyetek!

This is us with Tolido, a Cubano who fled the
country and sought asylum here in Hungary
while studying in the 80's. Speaks fluent Spanish and Hungarian,
and some English, but we ended up having a
 Spanish night at his house for a program!
Pretty cool that we found that .1% of the
population that actually speaks Spanish

Typical day in the square

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