Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hey, everyone!

Once again, not much time to sit and write emails today because we're getting busier and busier with people to visit every week! I hope you are all very happy wherever you are all at right now, and that you are enjoying everything in your path right now! :) I could write novels about all of the experiences that we're having every day, and for all of the incredible people that we've met, but at the end of the day there's still really only one thing that matters! Jesus loves us all and wants to help us to be as happy as we can be. With that simple thought in mind, let Him help you to be happy this week and give all you have to the life you're living! :) I love you all and will try to write more next week:)

Be good,

Priest Elder

Went to Tokaj today for P-day... Tokaj is the wine 
growing area of Hungary, super famous for it's
one mountain---the only one on the big 
great plain of eastern Hungary. Pretty little
town and fun hike in the forest above 
the winefields. (Pronounced toe-kae)

Hungarian sunset 

This week was Hungary's memorial day equivalent
for all of the many past wars that they have had
 over the years. One of our branch members worked
 at the museum and took us for a tour of a special
soldiers exhibit that they had. Pretty cool stuff!

Us chilling outside a Hungarian house. The bench says "spirit".

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