Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 10, 2015

Again, not much time to email today because we've just been kept really really busy, but wanted to send you a quick email today because our p-days are now on Saturdays as AP's since we have to work in the office on Mondays. Hope that everything is okay back at home with everyone... love you all lots and I'll talk to you some more next week when I have a little bit more time to plan out what I'm going to write. Until then, I hope that the pictures from this week will do enough justice. :)

New comps in the mission office!

Elder Dalton and the Niki's from Kispest!

All the crew of missionaries from Kispest and some 
of our friends outside Szent Istven's Baszilika

Went and visited the Basilica in the middle of Pest.
You can pay very small fee and climb to the very
top of the dome and the view is awesome!

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