Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 24, 2015

What did we do this week?

On Wednesday morning, Elder Watson and I took a road trip down to Szeged to visit the zone training there and have our splits with the zone leaders there. It was pretty fun driving down there, since before that I'd just driven around the transportation mess here in Budapest. Driving in the city is pretty crazy because if you're in the wrong lane and can't get over fast enough, you're taken on a twenty minute detour before you can make it back to the turn that you wanted to take. The roads are almost always full of cars, and the road signs here are the most confusing things ever. In lots of places, the road is two or more lanes with no lane line markers painted on the pavement, and you just have to kind of guess where to put your car between to others. Scooters and motorcycles have permission to drive between and around cars and trucks whenever they feel like it's appropriate and safe to do that, which makes it pretty sketchy because they fly by through your blind spot at the speed of light. There's almost never speed limit signs, so you just have to kind of guess how fast to drive based on how fast everyone else is going. And at intersections, the line where you stop your car is often placed somewhere so that you can't see the actual light turning green when you're waiting to go, because the actual signal light is directly over the roof of the car. Drivers use their horns and brights to communicate and signal that someone should go or stop or whatever. Other than that, though, driving in Budapest is a piece of cake. ;)

But driving on the highway is fun! The lanes are actually almost as big as American ones there, and you don't have to worry so much about which lane you're in because there's only two. They have speed traps set up every once in a while, but no one ever gets caught because they know where they all are. People fly by going 160+ km/hr, but it's not too bad because they flick their brights real fast to tell you to get out of the way and they're out of your hair. It's fun driving again, though! It's just pretty exhausting. I think I've fallen asleep in about 2 minutes every day that we drive to different places.

We just had a really good planning session for our next week, and we've got another busy schedule ahead of us. The sun's been shining for the past couple of days, which has been really nice. Other than that, it's all about the same! We've got a day in the office with president on Monday, training the new missionaries this week on Tuesday, traveling to Győr on Wednesday, Szombathely on Thursday, back to Budaon Thursday afternoon, working on our own missionary stuff on Thursday night and Friday, and then we're already back to Saturday again!

Anyways, hope you all have a good week! Love ya! :)

Buildings on the side of the Duna

Gellért Hegy from the Pest side

Sad trash can that someone wrote "immigrants" on

Budapest at night!

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