Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 13, 2016


Another fast week. Tons happened, and I feel like it's only been a few minutes since it all started. At the same time, those few minutes have stretched over the space of seven lifetimes in the moments of craziness this week!

On Monday, we finalized the plans for transfers with President Szabadkai, and prepared everything in the office that needed to be ready for the different meetings that we would have here. Elder Blake was getting ready to go home and finish his mission on Tuesday morning, so he slept at our house on Monday night after dinner with the Szabadkai family, and we took him to see Gellért Hegy before leaving to go back home.

Tuesday morning, at around 3 o'clock, Elder Blake got up and ready for the planeride home. We walked him over to the mission home, where the Simkins were waiting to take him to the airport. Then, we ran home and tried to get a little bit more sleep before starting our day. Bright and early, we were in the office and making phone calls to the missionaries to let them know where they would be in the next transfer, and with whom. Soon after we had finished all of the phone calls that we needed to make, we jumped in the car and headed off to the aiport, where we were to meet President Szabadkai, Sister Szabadkai, and the new missionaries who were arriving just after lunchtime. We welcomed them at the airport, and got them filed into the shuttles that we had rented to pack them and their luggage back to the mission home at Hajnóczy.

That ended up being the last time I drove the car, since my year-mark of living in Hungary has recently run up. It was a little bit sad, because it makes many things much easier to have a car to use. (And, of course, I just like driving, too. I feel like it's a major stress-reliever.) But it was great while it lasted! A few more months, and I'll probably be driving at home, so it'll be good.

We spent Tuesday with all the new missionaries, getting their passport pictures done for their Hungarian residency cards and showing them some of the places here in Budapest. We had a little bit of time to take some of them streeting here by Széll Kálmán Tér. and then we took them back to have dinner with the Szabadkai family before seeing the Buda Castle and taking them to their hotel to sleep for the night.

Wednesday morning was really rainy, which was unfortunate for a transfer day of missionaries lugging their suitcases from old cities to new ones. We picked up the new missionaries from their hotel and brought them back to the mission office, where we had their orientation meeting and assigned them to their first cities and companions. After they were all set and ready to head out, we spent pretty much the rest of the day doing work in the office and updating things like mission rosters, preparing list of information for President, and other stuff. Sister Wilson departed on Thursday morning, so we had dinner with her and the Szabadkai family on Wednesday night. I also got my new companion, Elder Parkinson on Wednesday! He's a really smart guy from Idaho, and he knows just about everything about everything. He's also VERY tall. I look up to him in more ways than one! He seems like he's really nice, though, and I'm looking forward to working here with him!

Thursday was fairly normal, with just a few scattered errands being done for President Szabadkai and preparing everything for the MLC meeting that was scheduled for Friday morning.

Friday, we had MLC, and someone named Elder Matthias came in from France to teach us a little bit about using the church's 12-step Addiction Recovery Program. It's a pretty well-done program from the looks of it, and it'd be very useful here in Hungary, but it requires a pretty extensive support-system that doesn't quite exist here yet. Hopefully it'll be possible in the future, though!

And today has been pretty quiet. It's a rainy day, which is already a little bit quieter, but we're also just kind of taking it easy because I'm feeing a little bit under the weather and want to just get over it already. We had lunch with the Simkins today, and that's about all we've got going on today so far.

I think that's all the major news! Elder Watson's doing well in Pécs--he's excited to go home next week! Hope everyone at home is doing well, love you! :)

Not many pictures for this week. This is the top of
the statue from Gellért Hegy, and the angel at the top is massive!

This is a weird thing that I've never seen before. They put
a fence up in front of the door in the apartment building
so that they can't be bothered, but then tie a rope
to a stick and let people use that to reach the doorbell. Really weird.

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