Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 20, 2016


So I'm sure a lot ended up happening this week, but I actually stayed out of the loop on most of it. I got sick last week on Friday as I caught a cold, and ended up coughing a little and being pretty congested by the time Monday morning rolled around, when we had our meeting with President Szabadkai. Just to be safe, President and Sister Szabadkai both said that we should stay home and have me rest to try to kick the cold to the curb as fast as possible.

We ended up coming home, and I conked out and slept for the next several hours. I woke up long enough to eat some dinner and fell back asleep again. When we woke up on Tuesday morning, it had gotten just a little bit worse, and Sister Szabadkai suggested that I visit one of the private healthcare doctors in Budapest just to make sure it's nothing more serious. I was pretty sure it was just a cold, but we checked it out just to be safe. Meanwhile, Elder Krueger (one of the secretaries of the office) had also gotten pretty sick to his stomach. He had some sushi that he bought in a grocery store here in Budapest and had been feeling pretty sick since Friday night, so me and him headed to the doctor together to get checked out, while Elder Dalton (who I served with in Kispest) and Elder Parkinson ended up going together for a little bit to work in the office.

Long story short, the doctor confirmed our suspicions and basically told me that I have a cold and that plenty of rest and a few medicines and it should solve the problem. She wrote a prescription for some medicines and told me to sleep for three to five days. Elder Krueger wasn't as lucky, and he ended up hvaing an IV put into him on the spot to put some water and vitamins into his system to help him recover from whatever had been upsetting his stomach. We later went back that day for him to have an ultra-sound to make sure nothing else was wrong, and then spent the rest of the day resting at home.

Wednesday morning, Elder Krueger and I did some more active resting at home while Elder Parkinson and Elder Dalton were working together. Wednesday evening, I was restless and already tired of sitting still and not doing anything but being in our apartment, so President Szabadkai allowed me to come to Elder Watson and Elder Mellor's departing dinner at their house that evening. I made sure not to cough or sniffle as much as possible, because I didn't really want to spend too much more time in our apartment than I needed to, and it ended up being a fun night getting to say goodbye to two of my favorite comps from before.

Thursday, we had a zone training here in Budapest, which was really nice because it was the first zone training I've had in a long time where we didn't have to drive for a few hours to the city where it was being held! It was just a few steps down the road from our apartment, since we live on the same street as the mission home and branch house, and it was a pretty good zone training.

Friday, we met with some of our good friends, Miklos, Lajos, and the Wöfl family--Bertöld, Eszter, and Anna. Pretty normal day for the most part, actually!

Today, we went with the Simkins to Johnny's in Diósd for lunch on our p-day, and that was so nice! Now we're just back here doing some emailing and getting ready for the next week to come. Hopefully, next week we'll have a little bit of extra time on p-day to go on a quick hike or something fun like that--I need some fresh air!

Everything else is going pretty well, though! Just a little lingering cough and some sniffles from having the cold earlier in the week, but other than that pretty healthy and happy. I love being in Buda with Elder Parkinson! He's great!

Hope you all have a good week of adventures back at home! Love you all, we'll talk more next week!

Last pic with Elder Watson before he went home on
Thursday morning to Brigham City! Crazy that he's already
finished with his mission--I feel like we just started 
serving together! Gonna miss him, he's awesome! 

Elder Mellor also went home on Thursday morning at the same
time as Elder Watson (I served with him and Elder Dietrich
here in Buda about 6 months ago or so). It's a strange thing 
to be with two of your best friends right before they go home!

Elder Parkinson, my new comp! He's one of the nicest people
I've ever met, and he's incredibly intelligent. Even though he's much
smarter than I am, it's the kind of smart that's kind and makes me fee
l smarter about myself, too. He's a really brilliant mathematician 
who'll probably discover the next principle of Algebra or Calculus 
or something like that someday. I've already learned so much 
from him, it's crazy! Super excited to serve with him!

Foggy, rainy weather always makes everything seem 
more mysterious, especially when nighttime comes around... 
That's been Budapest all week so far!

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