Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

Hey, everyone!

Monday again! Here's the usual quick summary of the week!

On Wednesdsay, we had a good time hosting our International Night that we hold every other Wednesday here in the Pest ward. We bring a snack and something cultural to share about America, so we made some peanut-butter sandwiches with Hungarian peanut-butter (not quite the same, but they didn't know the difference) and Elder Martineau and I talked about the desert. One of the members here named Margit brought a lesson about how Christ is always with us in our lives, and she shared a poem about "footsteps in the sand" with everyone. After that, we played a card game with them and taught them how to play chair soccer, which then broke into an impromtu game of 21 on the basketball court. The whole evening turned out pretty well, and we had a good turnout!

Wednesday night after Nemzetközi Est, we had splits with the AP's, Elder Paul and Elder Parkinson. Because Buda is so close to Pest, I went to Buda for the day to work with Elder Paul, and Elder Parkinson stayed in Pest with Elder Martineau. The splits were really nice, because it's always good to get to know someone else a little better and help them with the work in their own area--Elder Paul was a really good guy, and we had a good time looking up people, trying to find new people to teach, and then holding English class later on in the evening! Thursday night, we un-split and were back at home in Pest.

Friday was a fairly quiet day, consisting mostly of meeting with the other elders in Pest for district meeting, and then visiting one of the hospitals here in pest. We've been going there as much as possible to help a member from California who came to Budapest to go on a river cruise with his wife. While here in the city, he got pretty sick, and he's been in the hospital ever since, so we enjoy getting to sit with him and try to cheer him and his wife up while they're still here in the hospital. He and his wife are both such nice people, and we hope they can both fly home to California soon, happy and healthy!

Saturday, we had a trip to another doctor's clinic to have an MRI scan of Elder Martineau's leg, since it's still been bothering him a lot. The doctors didn't provide a conclusive statement because only radiologists were in the office at the time, but it sounds like his ankle may have been broken for the past five weeks or so now. We'll find out soon when he heads back to a physician who's going to take a look at the scans.

Sunday, we went to church and then spent the rest of the day visiting Brother and Sister Clark in the hospital again and resting Elder Martineau's leg. And that's about it!

Love you all lots, and hope you have a good Memorial Day today! :)

Went on splits with Elder Paul this week, and took a picture of
a picture that he took with his Polaroid camera. Picception!

The top of the bell tower of one of the
Catholic churches here in Budapest

Just a cool flower picture that I thought Chelsea would like

Another random cool building by the Erzsébet bridge

Another church in a different part of the city with 
a pretty different architectural design

The front of Keleti, the biggest train station in Hungary

In the waiting area of another hospital here in Budapest. 
This one had a vending machine, but we're not really sure 
why they decided to put it right in front of a row of chairs...

Tried to take a selfie and missed, but it was funny anyways
because Martineau decided to poke me right at the same time.

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