Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6, 2016


This week was a lot like the last one! We were a little more mobile than we were in the past little bit, because we went to the doctor and they gave Elder Martineau the "OK" to put a little bit of pressure on his ankle again. He was pretty happy about that, especially because the doctors said that the MRI shows that surgery and a cast is unneccessary, although the recovery process is probably going to be a long one. We visited our friends, the Clarks, in the hospital again as much as we could, and we're excited for them to be able to go home soon!

They've got it worked out so that Brother Clark can fly back to California via air-ambulance this week, so that he'll be able to go back home and continue getting better at a hospital in America. We've loved getting to visit them and try to help them a little bit while they've been here in Hungary, and we're going to miss them once they leave!

We hosted a "Sport Nap" on Tuesday, where we had an American basketball game with some Hungarians who like to play. The church building here in Pest is really nice and even has a cultural hall with a basketball court, and we had a blast watching the Hungarians play and getting to play with them as well! I think Elder Martineau would have also loved to play, but we're hoping that maybe by the next time we're in charge of Sport Nap, his leg will be much better.

Sunday was another stake conference, because the churches in the Europe area had an additional broadcast with leaders from Salt Lake and Germany, which was cool to attend! It was also really nice to see my friends from Érd and Buda again! Laci, Attila, Klára, János, Béla, Andi, Sándor, Anikó, and a whole lot of other people also came out for the broadcast, and we had a fun time visiting for the few minutes that we had after the conference!

We had apartment cleaning checks earlier this morning, and we passed! The Peterson senior couple came over from Eger to bring us some really good, American-style cookies and check up on us, and we passed! Now, we're just emailing before heading over to Buda to have interviews with President Szabadkai, and that'll be most of our day!

The highlight of the week was Saturday, because the other elders here in Pest had a good friend who decided to be baptised this week! Márton's a really nice young man, and he was so excited to be a member of the church. He's even going to serve a mini.mission this summer! We're all excited to see him grow!

I think that's all for now! Talk more next time! Love you and hope the week's good! :)

We went by the Hungarian State Opera House in Pest, 
and ran into Attila from Érd just right after taking this picture!

Back courtyard of a building in Pest

Inside a small little synagogue in downtown Pest

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