Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 14, 2016

Hey, Everyone!

Quick email for today, because I don't have too much time! Transfer calls came in this morning, and we've been finishing packing everything up again! Looks like my time's up here in the big city--I'm going to a much smaller town near the Austrian border called "Szombathely" (English translation="Saturday-Place"). Elder Martineau's got his bags packed to go to Pécs, and he seems pretty excited about the news! He's been here in Pest for about eight months now, so a change is about due for him. I was hoping to have some more time here in this city, but I guess after a year of being in Budapest it's time to move on now! It should be a good change!

The Clark family left midweek to head back to their home in California. We haven't received too much news about how they're doing except for the fact that they arrived safely in America, which is good news! Hopefully, Brother Clark's condition continues to improve, because he and his family really are the nicest kind of people, and it was the best part of our transfer here to get to visit them in the hospital every day!

A lot of the pictures sent home this week explain the adventures that we stumbled upon while in the city. Just walking around the downtown area, we found a ton of neat people and just as many incredible sights. Now, we're just getting everything ready for the big day tomorrow!

That's all the news for today--we've gotta go soon! Love you all, have another great week! :)

Beautiful sunset here in Pest over the entrance to an 
abandoned factory as we were walking around!

Train tracks

Fast cars outside beautiful buildings--welcome to Budapest!

The following are some of the coolest buildings in Pest! (Opera House)

We went to a little shop in downtown Pest that sells
American groceries and found some Ben and Jerry's! 
Took a lunch break and ate some super good ice cream 
on the edge of the Duna River! ;)


(St. Stephen's Basillica)

(and the Hunyadi Castle in Pest!)

(Random little Catholic church)


Only in Europe do you walk around the city 
and run into crazy hotels that are palaces!

(Gellért Hegy)

(the Buda Palace)

(the Buda Castle)

(Another Catholic church on the river)

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