Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 27, 2016

Hey, Everyone!

Another quick email with just the summaries for today, because time is incredible short and the library where we're emailing closes soon!

We spent the majority of the week doing lots of missionary work here in Szombathely--walking around and trying to meet new people on the streets and knocking on front doors of apartment buildings and little homes on the outskirts of the town. On Wednesday, however, we woke up early and headed to Budapest for our zone conference that took place at Hajnóczy. We came back later on Wednesday evening, and then had another normal day on Thursday. Friday, we had district meeting with the elders here in Szombathely, then headed out to take another train from here to Tatabánya, another town in the Hungarian countryside about two hours away from here, but closer to Budapest. We had splits with Elders Dixon and Miller there, and they were great! I had time to work with Elder Dixon, and we had a fun time knocking on more doors and trying to find people to talk to! In the morning, he even decided to go on a run up to the top of the hill next to the town with me! We took a train back on Saturday afternoon, finished off our day here in Szombathely, and then had church yesterday.

Those are the main highlights of our week! The weather's been INCREDIBLY hot here--not sure how hot, because there's no thermometers anywhere, but I'd have to guess that it's somewere around 40 degrees Celcius with huge humidity factors also playing in. We've been trying to survive by taking two cold showers a day, but the sweat literally never leaves our bodies.

Other than that we're doing good though! Love you and hope you're having a good week! :)

A few of the older, cool buildings here in Szombathely

Cropduster dropping chemicals over the city to
kill mosquitos after it rained earlier this week.

Splits with Elder Dixon! Can't really tell, but
there's a cool Hungarian statue in the back.

Sunset while on splits with the elders in Tatabánya Friday night

Went for morning runs this week with Elder Heaps
 over by the lake here in Szombathely--super pretty place!

Train station at Tatabánya--lots of long frieght trains!

Cool little Catholic church not far from where we live

This is what tracting in Hungary looks like! Little tiny gardens with 
green metal fences and doorbells on the outside in front of the streets.

A massive eagle statue overlooks the city of Tatabánya 
from the top of a nearby hill, which Elder Dixon and
I ran to the top of for our morning workout!

Selfie from the top! This mangy wolf-dog followed us the
whole way up and down but was really nice to us!

Found this English grafiti while on splits in Tatabánya...

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