Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25, 2016

Hey, everyone!

Crazy busy week once again. We were in Szombathely and everything was fairly normal on Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday found us hopping on a train early in the morning to head to Budapest for a zone training. It was nice to get to see everyone from all the different cities in Sopron, Szombathely, Pápa, Győr, and Tatabánya! We stayed up in Budapest for the next day as well, because the AP's wanted us to have splits with them in Buda. It was really fun to be back in Buda again for the day--after being in a smaller city for a month and a half now, it felt a little bit like coming back home! Splits were good there, and we got back home in Szombathely on Thursday night.

Friday morning, we met up with the other elders in Szombathely, because we had planned to make some banana bread and cookies to take to all of the people that we're meeting with as a surprise. The banana bread turned out really good, and the cookies were a little bit of a bigger struggle. It was fun nonetheless, and hopefully everyone we gave them to enjoyed that! Then the Sopron elders came to have splits with us in our city on Friday afternoon. I had a chance to work with Elder Rodgers for the day, someone I'd never been around too much so far on my mission and really didn't know too well. He was awesome to serve with and we got a lot done! We did a lot of lookups and went to knock on a lot of doors, and he's a great missionary who's really good at what he does. They left back to Sopron on Saturday around dinner time, and then yesterday was a typical day of church and then knocking on more doors!

That's pretty much the highlights from this week. The missionary work is actually going super well here--probably better than anywhere else I've been so far in Hungary--and that's very exciting! Hopefully it continues to be such!

Hope y'all have a great week! Love you lots!

The big cathedral here in Szombathely

Crazy weather this week, with lots of hail and rain!

This is what lots of tracting looks like!

Not sure quite why someone did this to the car...

On splits in Budapest, and we went on a run in the
morning for our workout to the Buda Castle. I've missed this place!

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