Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016


Lowdown for the week:

Monday was a pretty normal p-day. Nothing too exciting really happened, just emailing and getting ready for the weeek!

Tuesday was super busy! We had splits with the other elders from here in Szombathely, and I was with Elder Anderson for the day. We had a lot of things to get done, including meeting with someone named Adri and teaching her, then paying for and bringing back the bikes that we had ordered at a bike shop on the other side of town, and finally heading out to buy a microwave for the new apartment that we just moved into today! Elder Anderson was a really good sport and helped us a ton with getting ready to move into the new place!

Wednesday: Right after finishing with splits in Szombathely, elders from Tatabánya came to us for another set of splits. That was another good split, and I was with Elder Miller for the day. He's still young in the mission, but he's a fantastic missionary and it was really great getting to work with him for the day! We even met this really nice lady named Ildikó, who we found while we were walking from apartment building to apartment building, and she invited us to come back later to give her a free Book of Mormon. Good day!

Thursday, we finished splits with the Tatabánya elders and had a normal rest of the day which was topped off by English class and visiting the Boros family on the outskirts of Szombathely. By this point in the week, the bikes have already got a lot of kilometers on them and been put to good use to get around Szombathely and the areas surrounding it.

Friday was spent travelling to Győr for splits with the missionaries there. Elder Römer was my companion for the day, and he was also great to work with! He's from Switzerland, so it was really neat getting to hear about his story while we were working on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday evening, we came back here to Szombathely, and Sunday was church and getting things ready to close our apartment this week.

And now we're back to today!

Here's some pictures to go along with what we saw this week. Hope the next week's another good one--love you guys!

Sunset at the train station

On the trainride home to Szombathely

Summer flowers are all over the country right now

The city hall in Győr

Found this kind of cool piece of grafitti on splits in Győr!

New bikes and helmets for Szombathely!

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