Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 19, 2016


Fast email this week. Not much time, since I swear that p-days get faster and faster (as do the weeks) the closer we get to the finish line!

The first half of the week was filled with normal missionary work--lots of doors knocked, lots of people talked to on the streets, and lots of calling people to try to set up with them. We meet with a few of our friends here in Szombathely, among which were Németh Kati and the Bartos family with Emese. In the second half of the week, we were kept busy with going up to Budapest for MLC meetings on Wednesday, then another normal day on Thursday. Friday and Saturday we had splits again with the elders in our city here in Szombathely, both of which are awesome missionaries! And then on Saturday, the branch put together a little activity where everyone got together and went to a little village outside of Szombathely called Velem. We actually ended up biking the whole way there (we were told it was about 26 km) with a few of the cool members here in the branch, Barni and Dani. In our little bike caravan of 6 riders, we cruised through the little Hungarian villages on our way to catch up to the group in cars at the rendezvous point. They had a little fire there, went on a little walk in the forest, saw a cool little chapel that overlooked the mountainside, and then packed up to head back to Szombathely after a fun morning of getting to know everyone better. The bikeride back into town was much faster, because the whole thing was downhill, and we ended up making it back in almost half the time.

Then we finished off our Saturday with some more finding and meeting with our friend Zoltán, and church yesterday!

We'll have another busy week filled with traveling back to Budapest for more meetings and then splits with the missionaries in Sopron. Gotta bounce now because the time is almost gone, but I'll send more updates next week! Love y'all!

The group outing to Velem this week with our branch.
This is the group of cyclers who made it out on bikes!

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