Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 5, 2016


The weeks are going by so fast. Each week seems to be a little bit quicker than the one before, and it's a little bit scary that there's only ten more of these left! Anywho, it was another good week filled with business and adventures.

Monday was a fairly uneventful, normal p-day. We shopped and cleaned our house, and got everything ready for the week.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the elders from Tatabánya came over to Szombathely for splits. They seem to be doing well, and we had a chance to do some good finding work with them!

Thursday was a fast day, because we had a district meeting and a few appointments of people to meet with. We finished off the day by teaching English class in the evening and then doing some more finding.

Friday and Saturday were also a blast because the elders from Győr came to Szombathely for their first splits this transfer. Elder Ure is currently training Elder Gentry there, and they're both some of the best missionaries I've met out here! Elder Ure is simply very solid and is a really good example for Elder Gentry, and Elder Gentry is a younger missionary who's been in Hungary for about three weeks now and is just a very hard worker! It was great to work with them, and they went back to Győr after helping us to move a new member family into their new apartment here in Szombathely. Saturday was topped off by an awesome Cultural Celebration broadcast from Germany, since the Freiberg Germany temple has just finished its remodeling. Youth from Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland participated in a musical, dance, and video production presentation that ended up being really good! It was neat to see some of the kids from Hungary that we've met throughout our missions in Germany as they traveled there and were part of the broadcast.

Then, Sunday morning was the rededication of the Freiberg Temple! All the members here were really stoked and excited about that, since the next-closest temple that's currently open is either Kiev or Switzerland.

And now it's Monday again! The next few weeks shouldn't be any less crazy or busy--they should also probably be full of lots of stuff to do, and we'll be kept on our toes!

Love y'all and talk to ya soon!

Photos for this week--splits with the elders from
 Tatabánya and suiting up with Elder Fitzgerald on our bikes!

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