Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015

Hey, everyone!

Another week's already gone by... What even is time? Hahaha. Hoping this email finds everyone happy and well wherever they're at! Not sure how the weather's been there, but if it's anything like here, then it's gotten way hot really fast. Last week was another winter relapse week here, but now we're sweating buckets when we go outside. Rainy days aren't particularly liked by the Hungarians, but they're welcome in my books because they cool down the temperatures and make everything smell fresh again. We've only had one this week so far, and other than that it's just been fairly hot and dry.

But we've had a super good week! We met with a lot of interesting people, as we seem to always be able to do. One day, we were walking around the city square with the sisters and passing out flyers for our free English class here, since that is one of our best methods of finding in Nyiregyhaza. While doing that, a stranger came up to us and addressed us in English, asking if we were from America. We came to find out that he is a Hungarian, but he speaks very well in English, and his pronunciation is really good. He has a job interview today (Monday), but he wanted to practice with us for the interview because it would be conducted entirely in English. Super nice guy, and we ended up having a good conversation with him for an hour and a half or so! Hopefully the interview goes alright, he said he'd call later to tell us how it turns out. Fingers crossed!

We're having a lot of fun meeting with all of our other friends in Nyiregyhaza as well. On Sunday, we had a social kind of thing over at the Viernes's house, and the turnout was way good! Elder Viernes made some ribs and wings and other barbecue foods, which is impressive because it's almost impossible to find those kind of ingredients out here. Good food and good turnout, and then we showed the Testaments in Hungarian!:) They were about a forty minute bike ride outside of town, but it was nice weather and the wind felt good, so we enjoyed the trip.
Zoli is one of our friends closest to baptism here in Nyíregyháza right now. If he wanted to, he could be baptised this weekend. He comes to every single church activity that we can possible plan, and he loves all of them. He traveled for an hour and a half by bus to go to zone conference with the branch, and he even came to watch general conference with us. He's a really nice guy trying his best to do the right thing, we like him a lot.

Frank (Ferenc) was traveling this week to different towns across the country to play in chess tournaments.... he's crazy good. When Elder Gonzalez was here, they played once a week or so, but even though Gonzalez was super good, Frank always won. He's really talented. He said he might teach us sometime how to be good at chess, too...we'll see!

Earlier this week, we gave Easter to a poor family in the branch here, and that was some of the most fun I've ever had. A nice lady gave us a lot of candy and meat and cookies and things for Easter, but it was was way too much for us to ever use and we didn't want it to go to waste, so we decided to just give it all away to this family... it became fun when we tried to do it anonymously hahaha. To bring it to their apartment, though, we had to be let into their building by someone with keys. Luckily, we found Imi in the playground outside (the son). Imi is very nice, and he was happy to help us. We arranged the candy and food nicely outside their doorstep, and then we told Imi to keep it a secret. We left a note saying "Better late than never! Jesus loves you, from the Easter Bunny." Imi is a little bit slow, so he didn't even remember that we were there. Later, we had a program with the mom, Ica, who was so excited and was beaming to tell us that someone had given their family Easter. They had no idea who had done it, but she was very happy about it. Really great feeling doing service like that. :)

Today for p-day, we went out with the sisters to play soccer in the park at Örökösföld here in Nyíregyháza. That was lots of fun, too! Sister Whittaker is a BALLER. Elder Weaver is super good at frisbee, and Sister Wilson brought a whip that she bought from Hortobágy, and together we all just had a blast at the park today! :)

Anyways, probably got to go pretty quickly here... not too much more time to write for this week! Love you all lots and think about you all often. Be good this week and do something to change the world. :) Sok szeretettel, Priest Elder

The flowers here have all opened up! These are in one
 of the squares in the city, they're looking super good
 and all of the people here say that they'll look even cooler
 in just a couple of weeks when all the trees are blooming as well! :)

Check it out.... blooming trees everywhere!

Part of the city square... lots of people out
now that the weather's warm!

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