Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 7, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Crazy week this week with transfers in Budapest and prepping for that earlier this week. We're finally getting settled into the groove of this next transfer as well, and I'm excited for what it might bring as well.

Elder Weaver is from Logan, Utah, and he is much different from Elder Gonzalez. Not a bad thing, for sure, just interesting. He's a nice guy though, and very, very smart. When he was at home, he made his own rubix cube out of wood and magnets. He can solve any rubix cube--whether it's three by three, four by four, five by five, or any of the unique ones in his collection that are made in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. He's a super good piano player as well, and he's a computer wiz who likes anything that has to do with figuring new stuff out. This is actually his last transfer here in the country, so he'll be heading back to America in the next nine weeks or so.

It's interesting, though, for a couple of different reasons. Being that Gonzalez is a native speaker, I have to speak much more now that he is gone. It's good though, because that means that I'll be learning a lot of the language by usage this transfer instead of listening like last transfer. I'm excited for that, and I can already tell that a lot of what Elder Gonzalez was helping me to learn has become part of my commonly used vocabulary. It doesn't mean that this language is any easier, for sure, but maybe just that I'm getting a little bit better at speaking and understanding (thank goodness). I love it though. :)

We have a lot of more work coming up that we need to get prepped for, so it looks like this might be it for emails this week! We're doing really good out here still, happy and having a blast every day! Love y'all lots, have a good week and we'll talk to you next week! :)

Elder Weaver and me!

One of the members took us archery shooting! That was really fun.

I guess there was once a church out here in the middle
of nowhere and this was the tower... but now
 there's no church and just a steeple laying on the ground.
This thing was HUGE. 1 Nephi 22:14 maybe?

Easter eggs here are on a whole new level of craziness...
These are carved out of egg shells and
painted by hand. Very impressive.


This is a Hungarian craftsman's booth in an indoor
marketplace where he makes flowers carved
 out of wood... Super intense stuff!

Some of the Hungarians in a small falu near Nyiregyhaza
put on a traditional Easter dance display... super cool!

Outside the stablehouse of one of the houses in the countryside!

Always interesting to travel outside the city to the
Hungarian countryside... it's like going back in
time into the 1800s of Magyarorszag

Ricky and Patrick, two of our super cool
 friends in Nyiregyhaza! Ricky's a rickshaw drive
in Budapest, and Patrick... well, he's just six.

Very last picture with Gonzalez! Super sad to see
 him go, but we're for sure gonna be best buds for a long time.

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