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March 31, 2015

Hey, everyone!

Another busy week this week, especially with transfers coming up tomorrow. Lots to do around the apartment to get it ready for the next 9 weeks, and lots to do so that we're ready to catch the train to Budapest tomorrow morning!

Anyways, we had another sweet week full of adventures in Nyiregyhaza! All of our friends here are super cool and are willing to help us out with whatever we need. One of them helped fix the old, broken bikes that the mission had kept in our basement here, so we've been able to ride around a lot to different appointments all over the area. Another made us a cool little photoshop gift and little fridge magnets and stuff that have funny pictures of us on them haha. Everyone we visit offers to give us food, and most of the time they try to send us home with some as well! They are all very kind to us here.

For transfers, Elder Gonzalez is leaving Nyiregyhaza and heading to the opposite side of the country to go serve in Pecs, over by Croatia. I'm very sad to see him leave, we got along really well and got a lot of good work done here, so for sure we're going to email each other to stay in touch. It should be interesting though to work with a new companion! I'm staying here in Nyiregyhaza, and they're sending out Elder Weaver. He's getting ready to go home in 9 weeks, so it should be fun to see what he's learned so far from his mission and to see if we can keep up the good work here! Sounds like I might be here in Niregyhaza until September or so, since he goes home soon and they usually try not to have both elders leave at the same time. So I guess that's good because it gives me even more time to get to know the area and people really well! :)

We meet people every day on the streets who are looking for a better way to be happy. With the Easter season here, we are always really excited to share with them how we are always so happy and to invite them to try it out, too! There's a cool video that the church put out about the Easter season. We watch it in Hungarian here, but the English version is also available. Try it out, see if you can guess what the titles are saying!

Easter eggs and chocolates are fun, but just remember what the real reason for Easter is: a chance to be happy and stoked about life! It's entirely appropriate that Easter is in the springtime. The birds, flowers, trees, and everything come back to life again. They start a NEW life. In just the same way, we can choose to start a new life, and what better time to do that than around Easter! The Savior died, and was resurrected. That's great and all, but sometimes people miss the last step. If he was really resurrected, then that means that he now lives. How significant and beautiful is that?

Hope you all have a happy Easter season! :) Love you all! Szeretlek titeket, es boldog Husvet!

Last picture with Elder Miguel Gonzalez before transfers

So once every couple of months, they have this thing
where you throw out old stuff into the street and it gets
 taken away... either to the trash or by the Gypsies here.
 We had a nasty old torn, gross couch that no one knows 
where it came from (including our landlord), so we
broke it (because it wouldn't fit out the door) and took
 it downstairs to the pile of junk on the street, where the Gypsies
 looted the frame for firewood and then
took the metal pieces to scrap. Fun stuff.

Look what one of our investigators made for me.
 Geza is a graphic designer who is learning English
with us and thought he'd make us "a funny gift"!
 See, told y'all I'm Captain America ;)

Geza, the guy who made us those funny photoshopped pictures!

Coloring Easter Eggs! Guess which one I made ;)

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