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May 26, 2015

Hihetetlen hogy már itt vagyunk Május a végére! Az idő mindig csak gyorsabban és még gyorsabban megy. Múlt hét is volt az én hat holnap jelem a missziómban... olyan furcsa gondolkodni arról! Remélem hogy tökéletesen jól vagytok mindenki és hogy eddig minden szuper volt a heteitekben. Ha olvashatjátok ezt az email-t gép fordítás nélkül, akkor annyira ügyes vagy és adok neked egy nagy pacsit és mondnék neked "gratulálok" ;)

We've had lots of fun this week going all over the place. We had interviews with mission President Smith in Budapest on Tuesday, and we've been to lots of new part of the city and outlying villages that I've never been to yet. We worked a lot in people's gardens... I think we probably must have had about 20 hours of gardening and helping people till ground, rip out weeds, build posts for plants to grow on, spread hay, straighten fruit trees, and spreading manure over fields. All really good opportunities to do service for people! I've got some pretty mad calluses on my hands now, and we got some pretty gnarly sunburns, but it was a lot of fun!

We also had the super cool opportunity to host a family night activity at the home of a family from the branch here who hasn't been to church in 15 years. It was such a neat thing to see that they had so many people over to their house to have a szalonna cookout and to share their hospitality with all of us. I made chocolate covered strawberries for the party, Sister Whittaker made MnM cookies, and Sister Wilson and Elder Weaver made Nutella fudge. After we all finished eating, we shared a great message with them about turning to Christ and becoming selfless and converted. It was such a neat experience. :)

President and Sister Smith came to Nyíregyháza for a relief society activity on Saturday, where everyone from Nyíregyháza, Miskolc, Debrecen, and Eger came together to take a tour of the square in the city here. After that, we all headed just north of town to a recreation area in the forest, where they cooked "bogrács," a traditional soup done in a kettle hanging over a fire outdoors. It was fun to translate for President Smith, and we enjoyed meeting all the new people from the different cities in the area.

Loving life here in Nyíregyháza! Crazy that the transfer is almost over already and that Elder Weaver is going home in just 9 more days... we'll see if that means I'm staying or leaving Nyíregyháza! Have a great week and do lots of good things to someone else! :)

This was everyone at the családi est activity
with the szalonna cookout and motorcycles.

Look at this monster

Szalonna cookout at the Petrován's house! Basically, they grill
bacon and pig fat over a fire and put it on bread with some
onions and vegetables. Actually super good but I'm sure it's
probably not exactly the healthiest thing in the world.

We were the judges of the "suti" (shoot-y) contest at the
relief society activity... everyone made sweets and baked 
goods, and I swear that it was just like in the Grinch when 
they made us try it all. They sat us down in the chair of 
cheer and shoved it in just like the movie.

Helping out Corey, a Hungarian man who was baptized
here in Nyíregyháza, in his garden. He worked hard, 
left to live and work in America, England, Scotland, Finland, Egypt, 
Thailand, and all over the world. He's a carpenter and he makes 
fancy kitchen cabinets for his customers. He came back to Hungary 
for a few weeks to put some affairs into order after his aunt passed 
away, and we helped him work in the garden at his aunt's house to 
prep it for sale. It was crazy too that he is best friends with Steve, our buddy 
that let me sit on his Harley! They've known each other since high school.

Passing Tokaj wine country on the way back from Budapest

This is just a small piece of the escalator that takes you down
to the subway in Budapest... it takes MINUTES to get to the end. 
It's so deep that it was also used as a bomb shelter during the Hungarian 
revolutions, and they have to force fresh air down into it with huge fan turbines.

Went to Budapest for interviews on Tuesday this week... 
This is a McDonalds inside a train station in Budapest.
CRAZY beautiful building with crazy normal McDonalds food.

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