Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hope Arizona's doing super well! Magyarország certainly is! :)

Nyíregyháza has had some pretty rainy weather for a lot of the past week, but we've been having a lot of fun meeting with all of our cool friends here in the city!

We took our Hortobágy whips out to the park here in the city and started whipping super loudly earlier this week, and we actually got the attention of a group of five landscapers working on the trees and bushes! They looked kind of rougher on the outside, but they came up to us and asked if they could try as well. We said of course, and they proceeded to take turns trying out whipping. It ended up being way cool because a couple of them were very strong and really good at loudly cracking the whip. Afterwards, they asked us why we were here in Hungary and what we were doing so far from "English speaking territory." We told them that we were here to help people be happy, and we are missionaries from our church. They were all super interested, and we ended up talking to them for a few minutes on the spot in the park! The Lord works in mysterious ways to guide His children back to Him. :)

I also had a pretty big miracle happen to me earlier this week, when we were biking back from a program a little ways out of town. We left our friend's house and headed back towards the downtown area, but I didn't realize until we had gotten almost all the way home that my name tag had fallen off somewhere along the way! I felt certain that I wouldn't ever see it again, since odds are that it probably wouldn't be found by someone who would want to take the effort to return it. I felt a little foolish, too, that I hadn't been more careful to make sure that it didn't fall off while we were biking back. I called the mission home in Budapest to ask for a replacement tag to be made, still kind of sad that I had lost mine. I was surprised, though, that a few days later, someone called us to say that they had found my nametag on the street and that they wanted to return it to me! It was no one else than our friend that I had been teaching Spanish to on that same day that I had lost it! She had been walking on the street and found my nametag, and wanted to make sure that it was given back. It was definitely an answer to a prayer, and I was very grateful that Heavenly Father had helped me in a thing as seemingly small and insignificant as a lost missionary name tag. :)

Anyways, I guess that's about it for news in Nyiregyhaza this week! Love you guys lots and look forward to talking to you again next week! Be good!:)

A cool place to take a picture before the 
train brought us back from Dankobokor

Making Coach Selby proud out here!

"Beware, it bites!" Funny sign in the zoo

Inside the giant biosphere, the indoor rainforest
 inside the zoo here in Nyiregyhaza! It was sooo big!

This rhino will make anyone's day better

Monkey train

With Margit in front of the zoo's entrance! She's the nicest old 
lady who loves to have us over, but she hasn't been to the zoo 
since she was a little girl because it's too expensive by Hungarian 
standards. So, we bought her a bus ticket and a 15 dollar
admission to the zoo! She was so excited and had
the funnest time with us at the zoo today.

Anytime you think you're not pretty, handsome, or good
 enough looking, just remember that at least you are not
an awkward little chicken thing with a blue-colored 
skin mask over your face I guess.

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