Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18, 2015

Super cool week this week! We had the baptisms of our good friends András and Zoli on Saturday, and on Sunday they were both confirmed as members of the church. So neat to see the changes that they've made as they totally turned their lives around to be closer to Christ. Very special time.

The priest at the Roman Catholic church here in Nyíregyháza came to our family night activity this past week! We'd met him a few different times, and we are really good friends with him, so he thought he'd come to see what our church was exactly about. It was cool because we had been to visit him a few different times in his masses at the Catholic church, and we were excited to see that he also visited us in our church building. He's such a nice guy, probably one of our best friends here in Nyíregyháza.

One of our other friends here in the city wants to let us try out his 1500cc Harley Davidson motorcycle that he rides every weekend. Pretty sure that's not allowed, but the thought is nice anyways. That thing is BIG. He also wants to take us up north to try out a luge track that they have up in the mountains. I guess he's for sure an adrenaline junkie, because he wants to take us on all the most intense, crazy things around! He's ridden once across the whole Route 66 already on his bike, so I told him that maybe when I'm done with my mission I'll find a motorcycle and we'll go for a roadtrip through the desert on big bikes together. He's totally down for that. Soooo just keep that in mind, okay Mom? Missionary work, after all ;)

I hope you're all doing great in Arizona or wherever your adventures are taking you! Be good and be happy! Help someone and be a good Samaritan to someone that you meet this week. :)

Sok szeretet, boldogságot, egészséget, és biztonságot kívánok nektek ma!

Priest Elder

Lots of birds. Decided it would be cool to chase
 them all away. Then found mud all over myself
 from running after them. But it all
 washed out, so all's good in the end. ;)

Big group program at a member's house to
welcome Zoli and András into the branch!

This stray dog followed us for almost 4 hours on our hike!
I named him "Kolbász" (Sausage) He was way nice. :)

Me and Elder Weaver in front of the 
"Resurrected Hungary" memorial in Tokaj.

With András and Zoli right after their baptism!
I baptized the one on the right (Zoli)

At lunch in Tokaj with the sisters and the Vierneses

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