Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 20, 2015

Busy week again!

We spent much of our week this week in Érd and Százhalombatta and Budafok and Budatétény handing out fliers for our free English classes that we hold here in town. It's been non-stop warm weather, so we've gotten a fair amount of sun this week. We've also been in a lot of humid weather, which is something that I'm still not quite used to. I drink so much water here, but I'm still so thirsty because the heat just sucks the liquids right out of us. It's bizarre.

We've had some really cool opportunities to visit some of our different friends in their homes this week! Some of our visits go a little bit better than others. Papp Laci, who lives about a 20 minute bike ride out of central Érd, is a super nice man who loves to come to church and is always so nice and feeds us pizza or some kind of Hungarian food when we go to his house. David is a brilliantly intelligent man who is studying theology in school and speaks perfect English as well as Hungarian. Zsofi is a new friend that we met on the streets last week, and she's also a very good English speaker and has been helping us to practice our Hungarian as we help her practice English. Dóra and her family are very kind and usually have us over for lunch after church on Sundays, and we love getting to know them and answer some of their questions about life and religion. Aniko is a very nice, older lady from the church here in Érd who likes to have us visit her everyWednesday afternoon for an authentic, 3-course Hungarian home-cooked meal. And, of course, we have many other friends who make our life in Érd interesting. :)

Unfortunately, Hungarian public transportation is sometimes a little bit less than reliable and makes getting from appointment to appointment a little bit tricky... We usually use trains and buses, and then walk the rest of the way, but sometimes trains and buses don't come when they say they will, and sometimes they don't come at all. Yesterday, we were stuck waiting for a train for about an hour and a half, and ended up hopping on the next train that came, only to learn that the posted train schedule at the train stop was incorrect, and we were taken to a wrong city in the opposite direction from where we wanted to go. We ended up taking so long to make it back to Érd by train that we missed our program... makes being a missionary somewhat of an adventure with a crazy transportation system like that...

Other than that, we're having a fun time here in Érd! We went to different areas of town earlier this week and did some positive grafiti using sidewalk chalk on the ground, and shared some messages of hope with people that way. One day, walking around just before time to go home to our apartment, we were using my ukulele to attract attention and talk to people as well. An old lady heard me playing a little bit, and turned to talk to us. She liked the music and started to dance, proceeding to tell us that she was 89 and that she's missed dancing ever since her husband passed away a while ago. We had a great time getting to know here for a few minutes as we talked to her and she showed us some of the dance moves that she used to know... pretty impressive for someone her age!

Hope you all have a great week! Love you all! :)

Priest Elder

Cool picture of a flower I took in Százhalombatta this week

Old Mercedes Benz in Budafok

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