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June 29, 2015

So many stories!

People are starting to talk to us here! We are SO stoked about that. It's relieving after a lot of hard work that we're starting to make friends here. We've gone "flowering" once a week each week so far this transfer, and it's starting to make people look at us as the nice guys who give people flowers instead of the standoffish people in ties with nametags. There's even been people who've come up to us on the street and said "thank you for the flower" at random points in our week! That's been super fun, to see that we made a difference in someone's life--even if just making someone happy for a day.

We've also been using our ukuleles to attract some small crowds in the square in Érd and smaller villages bordering it. It's a comfortable way for us to breach the gap between stranger and acquaintance. And, with the sister missionaries in our district here, we've taken out some of my whips and practiced being Hungarian cowboys in various locations around the city. It's very hard for that method of finding to not work... they're so loud that, without fail, someone comes to find out what in the world is making that noise. After they see that they're Hungarian whips from their own country and that some young American kids speaking their language can use them, they're super interested in becoming our friends. I've had a couple very good, hour long conversations with people on the street this week as a result of whipping. That's been a lot of fun! :)

We decided to try something new this week as well. Since there's so much grafiti all over this city, we wanted to reverse the trend and grafiti something positive instead. We bought a big box of sidewalk chalk, and found a big slab of concrete somewhere to draw a picture of the plan of happiness. It turned out pretty cool, and in the meantime a lot of kids came up to help us draw all kinds of pictures all over the place.

The coolest thing about all of our cool, fun ideas for finding here is that they're working! Visitors at Church and attendance at all branch programs has been increasing. We're very excited about how many good friends we're making here, and for the chance that we have to share with them the fun and happy lifestyle that our church offers.

President and Sister Smith are leaving for America this week, which means that we have our new mission president on Thursday! We're so excited to have a Hungarian president who will no doubt light this country on fire with missionary work.

We've gotta run soon to host a family night activity! Hope you all have a week full of adventures and lots of great experiences. Make someone's day today and help them be happier! :)

Love you all! Priest Elder

WWII and WWI fallen soldiers from our small town
in Érd. Crazy big amount for such a small village.

People live in these caves in the hills

Elder Wilcox found a road built by the Romans! super legit stuff.

View from top of minaret

Climbing up to top of minaret... pretty cramped,
very dark, spider filled, and a little
bit scary, but the view was worth it.

Tracted into an ancient Turkish minare.

District photo!

Drew the Plan of Happiness with chalk as positive graffiti
here in Érd. Pretty cool finding method! Lots of little kids wanted to join in, too.

Beautiful Jewish synagogue in Budapest

We visited a castle

Back at Heros Square!

Enormous basillica in Budapest

Budapest is beautiful

Flower-shaped icecream! kind of a cool way to eat it

I live in the coolest city in the world

Priest Elder. Teaching more kids to be cool since 1996. ;)

Saying goodbye to President and Sister Smith at zone conference

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