Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 28, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Literally, not much time at all to sit and write emails today...

New mission president, new mission rules. One of our new rules is that emailing on P-days is now 1 hour maximum, and that one hour is already kind of occupied by writing an email in Hungarian to President Szabadkai, as well. But that's the way that emailing works now, so we'll figure that out soon hopefully! Sounds like a voice recorder might help make things a little bit faster because that doesn't take a computer and I can just talk... looks like maybe you guys will have to do some transcripting and type up some of what I say to y'all. :)

Long story short, we had a great week and I love you all. I hope that you're all happy and doing well. Have a great day and smile lots. :)

Priest Elder

This is the palace where all the Hungarian kings used to live

View of the city from Gellért Hegy

The giant statue on the top of Gellért Hegy


View of Pest from the castle

Pictures of the castle in Buda

Inside a torture chamber in the labyrinth

For Ashley, who likes scary things. There's a labyrinth under the castle 
in Budapest, and we walked around in it. That's the place where the 
real life Dracula was imprisoned and later died. This is his gravestone. Tessék. 

Érd missionaries with our good friends Tamás and Lea,
our mission president's daughter who lives in Budapest as well!

Budapest view from the Fisherman's Bastian!

Budapest is way photogenic

Hogwarts, Mark II

Visiting the Szent Mátyás Templom in Buda... super beautiful place!

Cool old church that's literally hanging on by the bricks

Elder Roberts got really creative this
week and carved a watermelon

Another cool sunset, this time from Százhalombatta

Our good friend Papp Laci! Such a cool guy, always 
trying to do the right thing. Love him!

Cool sunset in Érd, out by the sunflower fields!

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