Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 4, 2015

Hey, everyone!

Once again, not much time to email everything that happened this week, but hopefully that will get better soon as I try to get this new emailing thing situated out. Anyways, hope that some of the pictures that I sent and the captions that describe them can give y'all a little window into what's going on every day here.

We emailed today on Tuesday since tomorrow we have transfers again! I've got some packing to do tonight, as I'll be moving to Buda first thing tomorrow morning! Very sad to be leaving Érd already (this place is seriously the best), but I'm very excited to be moving into the big city! It'll be interesting living in a densely populated city of millions coming from the very small, outskirt town of Érd. That'll for sure be a change.

On top of that, I'll be serving with Elder Dietrich from my MTC group! It'll be so much fun since he's such a good kid and we get along super well. He's the missionary who came from Germany, so maybe we'll share some Spanish/German language lessons. It will also be interesting because we have a third elder, Elder Mallore, who will be serving with us as well! I've never met him before, but I'm sure that'll be great as well.

We had great, cool weather this week, which has been nice enough that Elder Roberts and I have gone running almost every morning this week. He usually rides his bike next to me while I run, which is so much fun because I get to run as fast as I want and he's able to keep right up. :)

Well, not a ton of time left on the clock, so we've gotta go. But I hope you all have a great week and that everything's going well for all of you back in Arizona or wherever in the US or abroad. Be good, be happy, and have an awesome week.:)

Priest Elder

It started to rain, the road got slippery. 
I tried to do a trick, and I fell on my butt.

Found a dog who walks around carrying a
basket of dog food in its mouth! Super clever

Sport nap!

Papp Laci! Gonna miss him, he's such a nice guy. 
Always texts us the weather forecast for the 
day and wants to help us in any way possible.

One last district photo before the transfers!

Our awesome mission correlator here in Erd, Attila!


Memento Park

Visited a garden today (Memento Park) full of old Russian statues from when Hungary was under communist rule... they've almost all been rounded up and positioned in one little garden, and we went to go take some pictures with the statues! Always running! ;)

These things are huge

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