Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 17, 2015

This week, Elder Priest didn't have time to email us, so he recorded a few short updates and sent them instead.

Elder Priest and his companion experienced a small miracle this week. They misplaced their cell phone on the train at some point and didn't know where to find it. After searching for a few hours, a good Samaritan on the train contacted them and delivered the phone back to the Elders, safe and sound. Elder Priest and his companion were able to use this opportunity to hand out a Book of Mormon with their handwritten testimonies inside to the man that returned the phone.

David, a new investigator in Buda, contacted Elder Priest and his companion and is currently interested in learning more about the Church. David has studied theology extensively and is fluent in 6 languages. Elder Priest and his companion have enjoyed the opportunity they've had to teach David more about the Gospel.

The missionaries took a break during the month of August from teaching English classes to investigators. It's been a little difficult, since this was one of the missionaries' main ways of finding people to teach, but it's allowed them to focus on finding others in the area that they wouldn't have found otherwise.

Kinnon accidentally ran over a cat this week with his bike, but fortunately both survived the incident.

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