Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

So obviously, still not much time to email, and I didn't even get a chance to record a file for you all today, because we've been pretty busy this week. But hopefully the pictures I sent this week will help to show some of the cool things that we've seen this week!

We've had a great week of meeting with our friends here in Buda and helping them to become happier in their lives. We actually met a man on the train the other day, ran into him at another location on the metro, and then once more in a different location in town. He thought it was crazy that he'd seen us three times in one day because he was just in town for a few days for the holiday weekend, so he thought he'd take a little bit of time to check us out at church on Sunday. Turns out, he'd already met with the missionaries in Kaposvár, but never been to church there or done anything but learn in English class with them. He loved church and is now going to try to make it to church every week because he felt like it helped his week go better. Pretty cool how we meet some of the people that we do. :)

We had a MASSIVE storm come through Budapest earlier this week, and it was cloudy and rainy for the first half of the week or so. It's warmer and sunny again now, but umbrellas and raincoats were definitely used for a few days straight. There was so much rain that a massive sinkhole opened up on the Pest side that shut down the power to all of the metros in Budapest... Thousands of people were stuck where they were in the city until they could get that problem worked out. Pretty crazy.

That's the main news for the week so far. Other than that, just the normal missionary life here in Budapest! We've been having lots of fun working out every morning, we found a track close by our apartment where we've been doing some cool workouts. The other day, I clocked my half-mile at a 2:02, which is pretty okay considering I'm on a mission living on a college student's budget and with very little time to work out haha. That's fun:)

Hope y'all have a great week! Be happy and smile lots, go have some good adventures this week and find someone to help along the way. Talk to you more next week! :)

Szabadság Híd (Freedom Bridge)

At the top of the Gellért Hegy (Gellért's Mountain)

View of Budapest from the top of Gellért Hegy

View of Budapest from the Citadel fortress

Visited the small village of Szentendre for p-day
a few weeks ago, pretty little town outside of Budapest!

Took a random picture of the parliament while we were
out streeting, because we live in a pretty cool place

Remember that place called Gellért Mountain? 
This is the same place, taken from farther away

Sunset on the Duna River on August 20th, the largest holiday in Hungary. It's Szent Istven Napja, Saint Stephen's Day, when they celebrate the unification of Hungary. They set off some awesome fireworks over the city from Gellért Hegy, the Freedom Bridge, the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle, and a few other places around the rivershore. We watched the fireworks with some really cool members on another bridge closer to our house. The following are also pictures of fireworks.

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