Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 14, 2015

Lots to write about for this week, not a lot of time to write it all. Here goes:

Earlier this week, Elder Watson and I were in the hospital here in Budapest for a while because Elder Watson had some pretty sharp chest pains, numb left arm, and tingly-ness in his face and neck. Went to go get it checked out, because it would be super lame to have a heart attack and not do anything about it, and it turns out it wasn't a heart attack or any other serious medical problem. Luckily, they say they think it's just stress on Elder Watson and that some rest and relaxation with a less-busy schedule will help him avoid having that come up again.

As a result, we had a few days this week that were quieter, with Elder Watson resting and sleeping and me making phone calls and stuff from our apartment.

Then, on Wednesday, we had our MLC meeting and met with all the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and everyone else in a training. That went super well, but was pretty long and took almost the whole day.

Thursday, we dropped off Heilein to go home to Germany, then jumped in the car to drive to Miskolc for splits with the zone leaders (2 1/2 hours away). Got to Miskolc and had to cancel splits and turn around because of an urgent need to visit a couple of missionaries in a place called Székesfehérvár, 3 hours in the opposite direction and about 1 hour southwest of Budapest. Ended up getting home pretty late on Thursday night after a long, exhausting day of driving through thick fog and dangerous weather, and then we slept super good.

Friday was our first normal missionary day this week, and we had a couple cool programs with some of our favorite investigators and friends from here in Buda.

Which brings us back to Saturday, and now I'm sitting here emailing after a good run in the park earlier this morning and some grocery shopping.

Pretty much, that covers all the bases of everything that's happened so far this week! Hope that was good enough information, because I just don't have time for anything more. Gotta run! Love you lots, have a great week! Stay tuned for more next time! ;)

Budapest at night, from Gellért Hegy. We took Elder
Heilein up here with President and Sister Szabadkai for his
 last night before going home early on Thursday morning.

Chillin' at Szent János hospital in Budapest
on Sunday night with Elder Watson

Pics of the hospital... Kinda like a museum. Lots of really
old equipment, not a lot of modern stuff, and definitely
not the most sanitary or professional establishment. Looks
and feels like a picture from the 1940's.... mostly because it is.

Selfie with Pres. and Sis. Szabadkai

Last picture with Elder Heilein before he went home!

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