Monday, November 23, 2015

November 21, 2015


No pictures for this week, unfortunately... Been pretty busy and haven't had any chances to get any good pictures yet! We're gonna go try to find something fun to do pretty soon here for p-day today, though, so I'm sure there'll be more pictures for next week. :)

Not much news here, and even less time to write! But the main highlights for the week were that we were able to drive down to Dunaújváros this week on Wednesday to visit the missionary zone training for southwest Hungary that happened there. The zone leaders did an awesome job teaching us how to be better leaders, and we even had a sneak-peek of the new Christmas initiative that the church is doing this year. It becomes available for use later this month, and it'll be interesting because we don't any way to use it except for if we find someone who has a computer, because we don't have iPads, smartphones, or computers to share it with, but it looks like it has some great potential for times when we can share it!

One of our favorite investigators here in Buda, Mátyás, told us this week that he feels like he wants to be baptized. We were so excited because we'd been hoping and praying that he'd be ready to make that step, and he surprised us by saying that he would like to! We're stoked for that to happen on December 12. :D

Elder Watson's also been much better this week, and he hasn't had any pains or stress like that for a while, which is super good. We're both healthy and strong, and the mission's getting everyone flu shots in a few weeks, which should hopefully keep us going without getting sick.

President and Sister Szabadkai have been really busy for the past couple of days, since stake conference is this Sunday and four seventies came into Budapest for a meeting with him and the stake presidency... We're all pretty curious why there's four here at once, but I guess we'll just find out later.

I think that's all the new things going on around here... Hope everyone's doing well at home! :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

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