Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 7, 2015

Time is flying by way fast! Hard to believe it's already been another week since I emailed last.

This week was another busy one, and as a result, we've been running around doing lots of stuff and not had much time for stuff at home.Tuesday night, after a more-stressful-than-usual day, Watson and I really just wanted to have a quick snack before bed instead of cooking dinner. We ran to the store and bought some cereal, brought it home, and realized that we had no clean bowls to eat out of, and no clean spoons to eat the cereal with. Elder Watson found a pie tin somewhere in the cupboards, and filled it up with cereal and milk. He also found a giant spoon in one of the drawers of the kitchen... the kind that's used to serve up casseroles or something. I was in the other room making a couple of phone calls to people, and then I came into the kitchen and looked for something--anything--to eat out of because it was just late and we had no desire to wash dishes. I found a 10L mixing bowl and a soup ladle, and ate my cereal that way. One of those things you never imagined would happen when you go on a mission.

But it's good! Other than a few stressful days like that, we've had some awesome stuff happen this week. We decided to just go crazy with streeting on a couple of weeknights this week, and ended up giving out 20-something books to people and making a lot of cool friends. We had a great English class turnout this week, and had a good splits with the zone leaders from Dunaújváros on Wednesday and Thursday. Elder Heilein got transferred to Pest for his last week in the country, and he's getting ready to go home next week on Thursday. He's pretty excited to see all his family and friends again. Played a fun game of soccer this morning with two of our good friends, Huba and Mátyás, after which we went to a store here in town that sells some American groceries and bought some graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey's chocolate to make s'mores with some of our friends and the office secretaries tonight. Should be pretty fun.

Other than that, I think stuff is pretty much the same! Wish I had a few more minutes to write more, but gotta run soon. Hope that everything's going good for everyone! Talk to you more next time! :)

Another view of the cemetery

Hungarian Day of the Dead was earlier this week on Sunday night, and we went to the cemetery to check out how it was. Actually pretty similar to the Dia de los Muertos that we learned about in 7th grade Spanish class way back in the day. Lots of candles placed on the gravestones, and everyone goes to the cemetery to visit loved ones. This is a pretty dark picture, but all the lights are candles placed on headstones throughout a pretty scattered cemetery.

Graves without flash

And those same graves with flash

Array of candles against one of the memorial
 statues placed throughout the cemetery

More candles. Gyertya in Hungarian, by the way (Jehr-csa)

View of Budapest from up in the hills next to the city... Kind of low quality, but I guess okay for how far away and how dark it was. Incredible view, pictures don't do justice. The place is called János Hegy (John's Mountain), and there's a short hike through the forest and you come out by a castle tower on the top of a peak that you can climb to a lookout platform on top. Wayyy cool place.

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