Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 12, 2016

Quick email for today!

Most important thing to note is that Elder Leimer, one of the Area Seventies in Europe, came down from Germany to visit us in church on Sunday and then to be part of our zone conferences as a mission tour on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Needless to say, it was pretty busy with Mission Leadership Conference on Wednesday morning, the Budapest Zone Conference in the afternoon and evening, and Győr/Dunaújváros Zone Conference all day Thursday, with Szeged/Miskolc Zone Conference on Friday.

Elder Leimer was a really great teacher! We also had a part in preparing a training for the missionaries, and it went fairly well, but the highlight was definitely getting to hear from President Szabadkai and Elder Leimer. Nothing that they talked about was really new, but it was all exactly what the group as a whole needed to do and it was one of the best meetings I think I've been to, at least in a long time.

Now, we're just about to go out for another hike in the foothills in Budaörs, with Virág, the other Elders from Buda, and Lina! We haven't really been able to meet with Virág for a while because she's been pretty busy, but we're excited to see her again today and get to teach her some more next week! :)

Other than that, nothing's too new over here!

Hope you all have another good week of wholesome adventures and helping others! Love you all!

"Kiss" is a common last name in Hungary (pronounced like "keesh", but funny because it looks like "kiss"). Decided to take a funny picture by someone's csengő (bell)!

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