Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 19, 2016


The rundown for the week goes like this:

Monday, we had meetings with President Szabadkai, and then did normal missionary work afterwords. We had a chance to be invited to family night with the Szabadkai's and Mátyás, and it was a great lesson about Easter and how we can all find a new life by following the Savior. Sister Szabadkai was also very kind to make us little Hungarian hotdogs, and we had a good time visiting with them and spendingMonday night in the home of some good people.

Tuesday was splits with the zone leaders from Dunaújváros! They came up here to Buda, and I had the chance to work with Elder Beaumont for the day. He's an awesome missionary, and I learned a lot from how he did his work! We went up to the Buda castle to flier people, and we must have passed out a pretty decent number of cards for the Easter initiative! We talked to a lot of people, and it was a great time. Then, we went up the hill to try to find people at home around the Sváb Hegy part of town. We were surprised to be caught in a snowstorm, because we're supposed to be in springtime by now!

Wednesday was pretty normal, with the exception that Elder Bagley and Elder King came up to Buda for their last day in Hungary before finishing their missions and going home. We had dinner with them and the Szabadkai family on Wednesday evening, after which we took them up to visit the Buda castle one more time as a missionary, then escorted them to their hotel room for the night.

Thursday was another normal day, topped off by a huge turnout in our English class! We almost didn't know what to do, because there were so many people who came to attend. We taught the highest-level of English class, so we held mock employment interviews with the students. I was really impressed by how well some of them did!

Friday, we had district meeting, more missionary work, and then weekley planning in the evening.

And now, we're back to Saturday again! It's a quiet day so far, but we'll see if we can find some sort of p-day adventure before we go back to work again tonight.

I think that's pretty much all the news that we have for this week! Everyone should take a look at the website if they have about two minutes of time. It's an awesome message about Easter and the meaning behind it! Check it out!

Anyways, have a good week! Love you lots! :)

Last Saturday after emailing, we went for a short 
hike in Budaörs with Virág, Lina, Zita, and the Secretaries! 
It was good to be out in the fresh air, even if it was 
kind of cloudy and a little bit cold because of the wind.

Tuesday was March 15, a national holiday here in Hungary. Ironically enough, the 15th doesn't mark the strategic winning of any important battle or revolution for independence, but rather is an occasion to celebrate the fact that they tried and lost. Sounds kind of silly, but it's one of the few days in the year that Hungarians are all proud of their country, and it's neat to see everyone wearing their "kokárda" pins (little Hungarian flag ribbons) and to visit the little shops and stalls assembled everywhere as part of fairs and festivals. These pictures are from the festival up in the Buda castle, where we went to go street and pass out tons of our Easter initiative fliers!

Hungarians' famous "kürtös kalács" (Kert-oosh Call-latch"),
or chimney bread! Super delicious, sweet bread cooked
over an open flame and seasoned with cinnamon.

Hungarian chefs cooking up "sült kolbász" (shoe-lt coal-bass), 
basically just traditional sausages. Lots of good street-vendor foods!

Even though the weather was cold and drizzling, the
people still turned out in pretty impressive numbers!

Later that day, while on splits with Elder Beaumont from Dunaújváros, we went up to Svábhegy to talk to new people. After the bus had taken us a little ways up the mountain, we noticed that the rain turned to snow! There was a little mini-blizzard at the top of the mountain where we had gone to talk to people, and most people stayed inside their houses. Met a few nice people though who were willing to talk, even in the falling snow!

Went to visit Klára on Tuesday night, because it was her 1-year anniversary of meeting the missionaries for the first time! On this exact day one year ago, the first missionaries she'd ever met knocked on her door, and they'd taught her and visited her ever since. She's now been a great example of faith as a strong member for almost 8 months, and she's always welcomed the missionaries into her home to visit her. Since the first time that missionaries visited her on March 15, 2015, she's had missionaries over 101 times (yes, she did keep track!), feeding the missionaries with a delicious meal each time they came. On Tuesday, we celebrated the 101st visit! She's definitely one of my best friends from here in Hungary.

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