Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 26, 2016


Quick email for today, because we've got some more stuff going on later this afternoon!

This week was fairly normal for us--just full of talking to people on the streets, trying to talk to people at home, and the other usual missionary stuff. We held our English class on Thursday and had a Sport Nap today at the park, which was fun! The turnout for both of those was a little bit meager, but many people leave Budapest to visit their family or friends in the countryside on Easter weekend. Maybe there'll be more next week!

Probably the top two best things from our week so far was 1.) that we started meeting with someone named Áron recently, and that he's such an awesome guy! We had a great discussion with him on Thursday, and he even decided to take time out of his Saturday to come play some soccer with us as part of the Sport Nap. We're really excited to get to know him better and hopefully be able to help them! 2.) we started teaching someone else named Tibor via Skype here in the mission home. He's actually someone who's wanting to be a part of the church, but lives too far away from any significantly big city, and there's no missionaries within about 2 hours of his small village. Luckily though, he was able to get in touch with Elder Dalton through email and set up with us to talk over Skype! His faith is already super strong, and he's already made some pretty big, life-changing decisions already. Other than that, the rest of our week was fairly uneventful.

We were notified of the attack in Brussels on Wednesday, and have been advised to be careful and watch out for our surroundings. We are sorry to hear that many people's lives were ended abruptly by the actions of men with poor intentions, and we hope that those in serious conditions recovering from wounds and injuries will be comforted and helped as their bodies heal and repair. We also feel very sad to hear that some of our fellow missionaries in the city of Brussels were so badly injured in the attacks at the airport. Our prayers and thoughts have been with them and their families in the days since the attack earlier this week, and we continue to support them as members of the same worldwide team of missionaries for the Church.

I hope all of you at home are also kept safe. Make good choices and help the people around you. Love you all, and we'll talk more next week. :)

Basically the only picture from this week... Didn't end up using my camera all that much! Anyways, there's lots of flowers all over Budapest right now. Big ones, small ones, wild ones, and planted-on-purpose-by-people ones, too. According to the plants, springtime is here!

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