Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 2, 2016


Sorry for the high quantity of pictures for this week. They sum up most of what we did better than I could in words, anyways, so I probably won't write very much this week.

Basically, the highlights of the week were that we went to Pécs to have splits with the elders there. I was able to serve with Elder Shepherd, who was great! He's still pretty young in the mission, and he's only been here in Hungary for about 7 weeks or so, but he's already speaking Hungarian really well and he's brave and confident when he talks to people. It's always fun to get to be around the younger missionaries, because it's neat to see them improve and grow. We spent most of our splits trying to contact old members that no one had heard from in ages, with varied success. It was a great day though, and we even had time to talk to people on the beautiful streets of Pécs!

The rest of the week was fairly normal, with the exception of Friday. The senior couples had their conference with President and Sister Szabadkai on that day, and they concluded their conference by taking everyone out to see a traditional Hungarian music and dance presentation at the Hagyományok Háza (House of Traditions) here in Buda. They ended up having two extra tickets, and we were invited to go with all the senior couples and the Szabadkai's to see the performance. The singers, dancers, and musicians were all from the same small village of Transylvania, and they traveled to Budapest to share the old Hungarian traditional song and dance that has largely become a thing of the past here. It was cool for us to get to see the performance though, because it showed us a side of Hungarian history and culture that we hadn't been too exposed to before!

Then, this morning, we had our Sport Nap at the park with our friends Áron, Huba, Attila, the other missionaries from Buda, and some other strangers who decided to join in the game of soccer with us. Fun morning, and now we're just getting ready for General Conference tonight!

I think that's about all the news. Love you all! :)

Eszlári Kati, one of the nice ladies in the ward here in Buda, 
made us an Easter gift of painted Easter eggs. Pretty impressive.

We were going from house to house and talking to people 
the other day, and we got to the end of the street we were
on and ran into the Parliament. Don't have these
kind of things happen in America too often!

Took a few cool pictures of Pécs while we were there, since 
it's a very beautiful town! This one is the theater in the center of the city.

One of the side streets in the center of Pécs
(I guess cars are allowed here, too?)

Many picturesque squares all throughout Pécs:

Elder Shepherd and I took a selfie by 
the Székesegyház church in Pécs!

These next few pictures are about a cultural thing that Hungarians in Pécs do--I guess they buy a lock, write or engrave their initials on it with their boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé and lock it onto the bars here and then throw away the key. Kind of a fun tradition!

"Forever and Ever" in Hungarian

More locks!! Some of these things are 
ancient, and there's thousands of them!

We took another picture by the Basillica in the main square.

More cool pictures that look like Europe:

Giant Easter Egg that Croatia gave as a gift to the city of Pécs

The Jewish synagogue in Pécs

The train station before going back to Buda!

We made it back to Budapest! And that's the
end of our adventure pictures for the week.

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