Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hey, Everyone!

Another week's gone by! I think this was one of the fastest weeks that I can remember from my mission so far. It feels like we were just sitting here emailing a couple of minutes ago, and that was already a full 7 days behind us!

We had a good week this past week, the highlights of which were having splits with the elders from Kispest, Elder Ady and Elder Lawrence, helping out with the ward's "International Night" program, and attending Mission Leadership Council on Friday. It was really good to go on splits with the Kispest elders--I was with Elder Lawrence for the day, and he's such a good missionary! He's confident in speaking Hungarian and he's just a genuinely nice guy that connects well with the people he works with and talks to. Elder Martineau was with Elder Ady for the day, and they had a great spit as well!

On Wednesday evenings, the ward here in Pest holds an event called "International Night," where the missionaries, church members, and investigators from Pest all gather and have a cultural exchange night. As a treat for everyone, we made American-style french toast (which no one there had ever heard about) and shared that with them. It was really fun to get to know them better, share an uplifting spiritual thought and teach them about self-worth, and then spend time with everyone and teach them about American and international cultures.

Later on Friday, we went to MLC in Buda and got to meet up with all the other zone leaders and sister training leaders from around the country. It was good to see President and Sister Szabadkai again, and to also see a lot of my other friends who are spread out around the Hungarian countryside in different cities right now.

Other than that, we spent the rest of our week streeting around and talking to new people, tracting in different parts of town, and teaching some of our good friends!

I think that's everything that's new around here for right now... Until next time! Love you guys! :)

Only ended up taking one picture this week, but it turned
out kinda cool! It's one of the big Catholic churches here in
 the area close by where we live. Kind of looks like a fairy-tale castle.

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