Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18, 2016


It's been a week and a half since I've sat at a computer! Transfers were last week, and that meant that it was time for me to leave Buda, and now I'm here serving in Pest with Elder Martineau!

It's cool getting to serve with someone else from my MTC group again, because it shows how much everyone's changed since then! The small changes that happen day by day are a lot harder to notice, but the changes made over time are a lot more significant.

I think Elder Martineau is the most American human being I've ever met. If he were to start bleeding, it'd probably be red, white, and blue, alternatively. He loves guns, driving big trucks, and doing other fun things that are all-around generally American. He's also a really funny guy, so it's nice to be able to talk some more and get to know him better as we're working here!

The other missionaries in our district are also really great. One of them is brand-new to Hungary, and he just got here from Australia. He already speaks Hungarian super well, and he and Elder Jensen, his trainer, are both so solid. It's kind of strange being in a different ward, but the church members and everyone here in Pest are also really nice, so it's a good change!

We even got to go to primary yesterday in church, since they needed someone to help play the piano for singing time. That was super fun, because I've never really had a chance to be a part of a Hungarian primary before! We finished off our week with lots of street contacting and knocking on doors to try to find some new people to teach.

Anyways, I think that's all the major news here in Pest for today. Hope everyone else is doing well at home! Love you all! :)

Had some homemade icecream at a festival at a castle! :)

I think the grafitier confused himself...

Not a very good picture, but I tried Shawarma (that stuff 
they eat at the end of Avengers, ya know?). Super good!

We went streeting by the Hunyadi Castle in Pest, since 
there were so many people there! We even ended up meeting
some church members from America that were here on vacation!

Found a random statue of George Washington
 while streeting the other day

Missionary in Budapest!

Other side of the Buda palace

Looking south on the River towards Erzsébet Bridge and Gellért Hegy

The Chain Bridge and some of the first buildings on the Pest side of the river!

The palace in Buda and the Chain Bridge

Took a river taxi ride, since it's covered by the public transportation
passes that we use here in Budapest. Really cool way to see the city!

Parliament building in Pest! 

Saying goodbye to our good friend, Miklos! 
He's such a great member here in Buda! 

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