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December 12, 2015


This week was a really busy one, so let's see if I can get everything fit into one quick email.

Everything started off on Monday with our meeting with President Szabadkai to discuss the transfer board. That day was busy, just because we had to prepare the lists of phone calls to be made by President and by us to all of the missionaries who were being transferred somewhere.

Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock, we started calling everyone and letting them know where their new cities were and who their new companions were going to be. It was nice being on the other side of everything and knowing how everything is going to play out for transfers. President Szabadkai and his wife went to the airport to pick up the new senior couple and bring them back to the mission office. Then, at about 11:30, we headed to the Ferihegy Airport to pick up the new missionaries who were arriving. They had rented two different shuttle buses to bring them and their luggage back to Buda, so all we had to do was meet them at the airport, pay the driver, and meet them back at Hajnóczy. After we all got back, the new missionaries had interviews with President Szabadkai, and some of the other missionaries from Buda and Érd in the meantime helped us out by taking the other missionaries to Déli train station to get their photos taken for their Hungarian residency permits. After interviews and photos were all taken care of, we had a traditional Hungarian dinner in the Szabadkai's house, walked to the Buda Castle with the greenies, showed them the view of the city, and escorted them back to their hotel for the night.

Wednesday morning, we picked up the greenies from the hospital and took them back to Hajnóczy, where we were also preparing a new missionary orientation meeting for them and their trainers, who were also arriving at that same time from all around the country. After the training was over, we had office work for the rest of the day, until late afternoon when all the departing missionaries who left on Thursdayhad their final interviews with President Szabadkai. Then, we had dinner with them in the Szabadkai's house, and drove with them to Gellért Hegy, where they looked one last time at the Budapest city lights before escorting them to their hotel and checking them in for the night.

Thursday morning, we were told that we needed to take Elder Jensen, a senior missionary here in Hungary, to the hospital to have a surgery performed on his hand. Right after that, we came back to the office to pick up Elder Anderson, one of the other missionaries going home, and take him to the airport, where he was meeting his family who had flown to Hungary to take him home after traveling the country for a week. We drove back to the hospital to check on Elder Jensen, who hadn't started his surgery yet. Then, we drove back to the office to take care of a lot of business there. We then drove back to the hospital (post-surgery) to see Elder Jensen, and were told to come back in a few hours. We went for lunch because we were starving, and then Elder Jensen called and told us that they'd already decided to release him. We rushed back to the hospital and then took him to the Keleti train station, where his train was waiting for him after a half-hour drive through rush-hour traffic. We then came home to prepare for MLC the next day.

Friday morning, we were also in the office preparing for everything, but it turned out that MLC was postponed because of lots of different reasons, so we stopped planning for that and took care of other planning sessions, got ready for zone conferences (every day next week) and lots of other stuff.

Then today was Mátyás's baptism! Everything went really well, and we were really excited that he decided to be baptized. The whole Szabadkai family and half the ward was there, which was super cool. Now, we're sitting here emailing and getting ready for the ward's Christmas concert that it's putting on tonight... we've passed out tons of invitations for it on the street, so we'll see how the turnout looks. Hopefully it's not too big, because I'm accompanying some of the performances and I don't want to be too nervous. ;P

I think that's all the major news! Gotta go soon, no time today! Love you all and hope you have a good week! :)

Mátyás' baptism

At Mátyás' baptism! With the Szabadkai family.

Picking up the new missionaries at the airport, looking at flight information.

New missionaries at the airport!


And post!

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