Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 26, 2015


Real fast e-mail for today, because the coolest stories are told in the pictures from this week.

Basically, Christmas was really good and we had a great opportunity to visit and spend time with a lot of great people here in Buda! Christmas Eve, we visited Klára in Békásmegyer, then had the adventure walking home since the transportation stopped. After we got home, carried the Christmas tree from our apartment to the Szabadkai's house, where we decorated it, ate dinner, played some fun games with President Szabadkai, Sister Szabadkai, their two daughters and one of their sons, and the secretary Elders--one of the highlights of the week! Then, on Christmas Day, the Simkins had us over to their apartment for Christmas breakfast. We drove for a ways into the mountains west of Buda and went carolling with the Klinger family. After carolling and eating Christmas Day lunch at their house, we drove for a while more in the opposite direction to go to the Demeter family's house, where we had a super good Christmas dinner and got to skype home! :)

It was really good seeing everybody on Skype yesterday! I wish it coulda been a little bit longer, but it was fun to get to talk to everyone and see how grown up you're all becoming! Love you all lots and can't wait to talk to you again on Mother's Day! :)

Giant log Christmas tree in Deák Ferenc Square in Pest! 
Went there with the Simkins, the office couple, to go to lunch today.

Christmas shopping with Elder Watson!

Selfie with some Nazarenes we met from Nazareth

Bought my first ever real, live Christmas tree and
decorated it with President Szabadkai and his family on Christmas Eve.

Eating the traditional Hungarian fish soup on Christmas Eve!

Christmas caroling and Christmas Day lunch with the Klinger family!

Foggy weather and construction all over Budapest this week...

Visiting the Christmas village outside the big Basillica in Budapest

Visiting Klára on Christmas Eve

Pictures from walking home on Christmas Eve... the subways 
and all public transportation shut down, so we walked for
a while to get home. This is one of the back streets of downtown Buda.

Climbed lots of stairs!

Stumbled upon Buda castle...

Through a courtyard...

And into Mátyás's Church to take a look at the Christmas Eve mass.

Then left the church to keep walking home.

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