Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2, 2016


Happy New Year's! Hope everyone was safe in America, and that it wasn't too cold! It was -13 degrees Celcius here in Budapest, so we were a little bit freezing. It was fun to spend some time with our friends here in Buda on New Year's Eve! We were over at Virág's, one of our cool friends who lives in Budaörs. We hung out a little bit, played some games, and had some good New Year's food! Then, we headed back home to Hajnóczy before it got too late, and jumped into the YSA party at Hajnóczy to visit with a few of our friends who had come up from around the country. After that was over, we walked home and went to sleep. Most of the Hungarians drink a lot and set off these things called "petárda"s--basically giant-sized firecrackers that are illegal because of their unpredictable nature and tendency to blow up before users throw them. They're VERY loud, and they sound like little grenades or bombs going off. Illegal or not, everyone was running around the streets, throwing them at buildings and into squares and stuff here by Széll Kálmán, so we listened to all the warsounds from up in our apartment.

We also had splits in Kispest on Wednesday! It got pretty interesting when we went to go contact some people in some old, 10-story communist apartments in the middle of Pest. A pretty good portion of the people there in that building were actually Asian immigrants, who spoke neither English nor Hungarian. It quickly turned into a game of sharades as we tried to describe with noises and motions that we were missionaries from America who were looking to talk to people about religion and faith. By the time we had given up, they still had no idea what we were doing and we had no more tricks up our sleeve, so we ended up just smiling and laughing with them about the whole thing.

Mátyás, the soccer trainer friend who was just baptized a few weeks ago, surprised President Szabadkai's daughter with a proposal atmidnight on Christmas Eve! They're now officially engaged, and they're planning a wedding in May! Everyone in the Szabadkai family seems pretty excited about that, and Mátyás himself was so stoked and nervous to propose to Luca. He kept us in his most inner circle of trusted confidants (naturally,), and told us about his plans before anyone else.

I think that's pretty much all the big news for this week! Hope you all had a good New Year's, and that you're all happy and having adventures! :)

Spending time at Virág's house on New Year's Eve!

Elder Wilcox and Sister Layton last week in the mission home!
Two of my best friends out here. :)

Italian visitors in church!

Nope, not a car accident. This is just how parking in Budapest is.

That's stinkin' close

Some typical apartments out in Kispest

Sunset in Pest

Doorbell-ception. When one doorbell stops working, 
just put another one right on top! Problem solved. 
The bottom bell is literally two buttons on top of each other.

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