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January 23, 2016


Another fast week. We had lots to do here in Buda on Monday and Tuesday, and we were getting everything ready on Wednesday to hit the road again and visit Győr, since there was a zone training held there on Thursday morning. It started to snow a little bit again on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, so we had slippery roads again for a little bit before all the snow melted away again.

The missionaries from Tatabánya have been really sick lately, so they've come up to Budapest to stay close to the mission home and the doctors here in the big city. After it was deemed okay for them to return back to Tatabánya, we ended up taking them back to Győr, and they rode a train the rest of the way back.

After the zone training in Győr, we stayed and had a split with the zone leaders currently there. Elder Gonzalez just happened to be one of them, so I was lucky enough to have another day with my trainer! It was really interesting to be with him again, since I couldn't speak Hungarian to save my life when I was with him last. I hadn't really noticed the changes or the improvement that I've made with Hungarian since then, but it was easier to realize some of the progress that had been made in the time after we left Nyíregyháza. Győr's also a very nice city, and it has a lot of nice people in it. We had a good time visiting a lot of the missionaries' friends there!

We drove back to Budapest on Friday morning. Today, we headed to Szentendre to play some basketball with a family who lives in the city there. The weather was really cold today--it was about -10 degrees Celsius when we started to warm up on the basketball court outside. The cold weather didn't bother us too much, though, and ended up having a fun time of playing "21" and "Knock-out" with the Láloczky family!

I think that's just about all the news for this week! Hope everything was good for everyone at home! Same time next week! :)

I got creative with cooking this week and made this for lunch one day. 
It's sliced bell peppers filled with cream cheese and goose (it was on 
sale at the market) plated with fresh cucumbers. It was pretty good!

(Visit to Győr this week on Thursday and Friday)
The walking street in downtown Győr

Győr has a pretty square in the center of the city

Also part of the square

They say Győr is "Találkozások Városa"--the city of meetings!

Went to a gyros restaurant for lunch in Győr, and
they had ancient Roman ruins on display under 
the glass floor. I guess that's fairly common here...

Sunset by the river in Győr

Cool Jewish synagogue

Splits with Gonzalez in Győr--one year since Nyíregyháza!

Assorted pictures from while we were in Győr that turned out kind of cool:

Zone leaders in Győr showed us their favorite place, a restaurant on a boat.

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