Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 9, 2016


Well, I think a lot of what happened this week was already summed up in some of the pictures, but here's the rest of it!

We had a super fun split with the Székesfehérvár elders on Tuesday, and we got a lot of good contacting done in Békásmegyer and Budakeszi! It snowed a TON on Tuesday, and that was the first time I've ever really had to drive on snow and ice. It's not quite like the warm winters I'm used to back at home in Arizona, but it was fun to try something else for a change! Snow is so MESSY. It's really fun for a few hours right after it's fallen, because it's nice and white and you can play in it and all, but then it becomes black and brown from dirt and cars and it makes everything muddy and covered in sludge, and the roads get slippery and it's different.

Wednesday, we had new missionary training for the missionaries who just came into the country most recently, and we both felt like it was one of the best trainings we'd given so far.

Thursday morning, we left Buda to go to Szeged for splits with the zone leaders there. The roads were wet, icy, and slippery on the way there, and there was a lot more snow in the countryside than there was in Budapest. It was fun to be in Szeged again, though, because it's such a pretty city with lots of culture and history. Elder Wilcox and I felt like we were serving with each other again back in Érd! The split was a great one, and then we visited the Kecskemét missionaries and brought them their mail on our way back to Budapest on Fridayafternoon.

We had an awesome meeting with Virág yesterday! That was probably one of the highlights of the week so far. She's so nice, and she really wants to figure out what to do with her life to make it better. We're pretty lucky to have great people like her to be our friends here. :)

I think that's most of the news! Anyways, hope everyone has a good week! Talk to you more next time! :)

Splits on Tuesday with the elders from Székesfehérvár!
They came up to Buda for a day for splits with us,
and I went with Elder Peregoy to do some contacting
work out in Békásmegyer. Ended up snowing a ton!
That was the first time I'd ever driven on snow
and ice! Way good split, though. :)

Pictures from trying to make a fire

Went up to a place called János Hegy with some of our friends on p-day last week, because we were gonna build a little campfire up here and roast some stuff over the fire and have a fun time like that, but it turns out that Hungarian wood just didn't want to burn! Plus, shortly after I took this picture is when we started to build the fire, and it started to snow really hard and we didn't end up being able to rakni a tűz. It was fun anyways, but everyone teased me and Watson that we both must be those kind of Eagle Scouts who only have an American Eagle Scout award, not an international one because we couldn't perform under pressure to make a fire.

Békásmegyer, all snowed-up

Splits in Szeged! Had a super fun time going back with
Elder Wilcox for a day, since he's for sure one of my
best friends out here. Szeged is a really pretty city, and
they just got a new branch house there that is really outstanding.

While on splits in Szeged, a lot of snow unexpectedly came at once, and then all started to melt, meaning wet slush was all over. Wilcox and I walked around for a few hours in it and did a lot of good work without any problems, and then my feet got pretty cold because the holes in the bottom let in a lot of the water and snow. Not very fun to have wet feet when it's cold, so we took a few minutes' break and ran to a shoe store to get something waterproof that would be warmer.

Finally kicking the dust after a year and 2 months

I thought CAT just makes tractors, but it turns out 
they make shoes too, I guess. Chose some conservative
black ones so that they don't stand out too much
with a suit and tie. Saved my life in the snow.

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