Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 16, 2016

Hi, everyone!

Had a really good week this week! So busy, the whole time. Started off with MLC earlier in the week, when all the zone leaders came in to Budapest from all the other, smaller cities around the country.

After that, Elder Evans (one of the zone leaders from Miskolc) and I went out contacting people. We had addresses of different people to look up, and we concentrated mostly on the ones that were really far away, since missionaries without a car seldom have an opportunity to visit places like that. Probably the most memorable experience of the night was driving to Visegrad, where we were told an old member lived who no one had heard from in years. We made the drive there just as it started to rain really hard, and the windy road through the mountain pass to get there was a little bit slippery in places. We followed our car's GPS to the destination, only to find out that the address was a fake one, and we had been sent to the front door of the castle of Visegrad. Because we had driven all that way, we figured we might as well take a few pictures of the castle before heading on to the other appointments for the night.

Other than that, we've just been really busy taking care of lots of stuff this week! It's good to be busy, especially because the sun was out a few of the days this week, and that was super nice. I think that's all the major news for this week!

Hope everyone's doing well! Love you all lots! Talk more next time! :)

Race car in the mall in Budapest! Maybe Pres will let us take it for a spin....;)

Oops... lookup turns out to be a castle...

The driveway to the castle

And its front door

Pretty town of Visegrad, split by the Duna River

No one was home, so we drove away from the castle by the exit ramp.

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