Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 30, 2016


Short email for this week, because we don't have much time!

A lot happened this week, but here's two of the important parts from it:

1.) Riding back on the train from Klára's house and a visit to the Eszári family this week, we ended up hopping onto a party car, full of kids probably 15-20 and all heading to the same place on Friday night. Everybody had a bottle of wine in their hand (presumable taken from their parents, because alcohol can't legally be purchased by people their age, and wine is not the typical, most economical way to get drunk fast on a weekend), and they were all laughing hysterically at anything and everything that happened around them. Anyways, we didn't notice until a few minutes into the ride that another man was laying down on a bench by the window near the back, where we were standing. He was a lot older, and not drunk like the other people on the train, and we asked him how he was doing. He said that he was doing good, which we followed by the question "Where are you going right now? Home?" To which he replied, "I'm not going home. I don't have a home." A long pause followed, as we nodded in understanding and waited for him to say something else. He looked at our nametags and the books we were holding in our hands, smiled, and said, "Neither did Jesus, but he didn't give up on life, either." We didn't have much time to say anything else, because the next stop was his, and he was on his way out the door. Watson had been holding a few bananas in his hand that the Eszlári family had given to us as we left their home, and he handed them to the stranger just before the doors closed and the train pulled away. The man smiled, kindly said, "thank you," and waved as the train moved on. I guess I just liked this story, because it's interesting how the people with the least in life sometimes have the most at the same time.

2.) Hungarian law says that residents of the country who live here for more than a year need to have an official, Hungarian driver's license instead of a standard international one. My one year mark in the country was this week, so I'm not driving anymore after the transfer onFebruary 10! I'm a little bit sad about that, because I really like driving here, and it helps us get way more done, but we'll just have to make it work with what we have. Better luck next time, I guess!

I think those are pretty much the main things that I wanted to share from this week! Maybe I'll have more time to tell more stories next week. Until then, hope you're all doing well and having good adventures! Love you all! :)

We were over on the Pest side for a little bit of p-day today,
since Watson wanted to buy a couple of souvenirs for his 
family before going home. It was so foggy!

Just across the river! The light pole got in the way.

Parliament building right before the sun goes down

Made some super good sandwiches for lunch the other day.

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