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December 19, 2015


This week was so crazy busy. Monday through Friday, we've just had non-stop Christmas zone conferences! It was really fun, because we got to see all of the missionaries who are in Hungary, and we had a great time making their Christmas fun with all kinds of good programs.

President and Sister Szabadkai have been preparing for these things for at least a few months now, and they did a lot to make sure that everything worked out great. Each day of conference was a different zone, since there's five in Hungary, and each day of conference started at 10. President Szabadkai gave a few remarks, after which Sister Szabadkai had us present the ornaments that we'd made by hand (she asked us to hand-make some kind of ornament to decorate a mission Christmas tree here in Hajnóczy). I carved a Christmas tree out of a bar of soap, and it actually turned out pretty good, until it slipped out of my hands on the way to conference in the morning, and it broke off some of the branches. Anyways, we gave a training about Christmas planning and how to make the holiday special, and then the zone leaders from each zone had a chance to talk to us. Lunch was made by Sister Szabadkai, and it was a traditional Hungarian dish of shredded pickled cabbage with meat. I think she said that she made about 40 kilograms of that stuff over the course of the week. It was really good, it just kind of became a lot because we had it five days in a row and all. I think by Friday, putting lemon juice on it would have made it sweeter. It was nice of her to cook for us, though.

After lunch, the senior couples told us about some of their favorite Christmas traditions, and we were upstairs in the office in the meantime getting dressed for the next activity. We'd rehearsed a Christmas nativity play in Hungarian that the Szabadkai's had supplied with script, songs, costumes, and everything, and that was up next on the list of things for the day. After that performance was over, the missionaries had a white elephant together while we changed out of our shepherd's clothes and into Santa Clause and elves outfits. We put together a little skit full of funny lines and gifts to give all the missionaries who were there, and they all got a chance to take a picture with Santa. It was pretty fun!

The big surprise of the conference, though, was that President Szabadkai gave permission for all the missionaries to go to the movie theaters and see a new animated film called "A Kis Herceg," "The Little Prince" in English. He loves the book that the movie's based off of, and he's read it to all of his kids lots of times when they were growing up, so he decided to let everyone go and see the movie in theaters since it just came out. It was pretty good! I'm excited to read the book someday.

Now, we're just getting ready for next week! It'll be nice to get to do normal missionary things again next week, since we've pretty much just been busy with zone conference things for the past week, and transfers the week before that. And Christmas is almost here! I'm excited to skype with you guys on the 25th. :)

I think that's all the news for this week! Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and that everything's great back at home. Love you!

Got our Santa and Elf costumes for the Christmas zone
conferences this week! There was a special part in the zone
conference program where we came out and let all the
missionaries get a present from Santa Claus.

The Buda ward put on their Christmas concert last Saturday night...
 Turnout was MASSIVE. In fact, there were so many people that the
 chapel, hallways and entry way of the first floor, stairway, and
 second floor was entirely full, as was the basement and part of the third
floor. Standing room only through the whole thing, and some places had
 less than that. The front door is kind of noisy, and lots of people
 kept coming in after the performance had started, so I ended up
standing by the door making sure that the door opened
and closed quietly as people entered.

Taking random pictures, because everyone was tall
and I couldn't see the concert. It sounded real good, though!

Took a break from door duty to go play "Mária, Tudod-e?"
(Mary, Did You Know?) for Timi, a member here in Buda. It was
 pretty neat because she actually translated the lyrics from English
 to Hungarian herself, so she really put a lot of time and effort
 into the whole thing. Everyone loved the performance,
 and it ended up sounding really good!

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