Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5, 2015


Short email for today, because it's a crazy busy day and we have lots to get done. Alexandra, one of the awesome people here in Buda, is getting baptised today! The secretaries have been helping to get her ready for baptism for a long time, and she's super excited to make that big step. Next week's also the transfer, and we've got a lot of preparations to finish with President Szabadkai before everything's ready to go. This week, he had interviews with all the missionaries throughout the country, so he's been really busy with traveling to and from all corners of Magyarország.

The major items of news for this week is that we went on splits with the Buda elders to a place called Solymár, a little village about a half-hour drive from downtown Budapest. President Szabadkai really wants us to go to new places that people haven't seen the missionaries before, so we've been spending a lot of time and effort to go outside the places that are close to home and to travel a bit farther to new areas that haven't ever been touched. We figured Solymár would be a good place, and it turned out to be interesting. Not a lot of people really wanted to talk to us, but there were a few people who told us what they knew about our church. The noteworthy comments that they made:

"Yeah, so you guys don't use electricity, do you?"

"How many wives do you have at home?"

"Your church is the one that doesn't celebrate Christmas, right?"

"You're not allowed to drive cars."

"Salt Lake City, Utah."

"You can't eat pork or meat from pigs, can you?"

"Salt Lake City, Utah."

"Joseph Smith discovered the internet."

"Joseph Smith was an alien."

"Salt Lake City, Utah."

"Why don't you wear comfortable clothes?"

"I already have a bible."

Plain old, "Utah."

Another "Utah."

And one more "Salt Lake City, Utah."

So the moral of the story is that people don't know a lot about us. They were pretty shocked when we told them that we're just 19 year old boys who aren't always from Utah, love Christmas, like to drive cars, aren't married, thinks pork is delicious, doesn't actually like to wear white shirts and ties at all hours of the day, read more than just the Bible, and are pretty much normal people. Hungarians are funny.

The rest of our week's been busy with planning for the transfer and getting ready for Mátyás' baptism next week. The Buda ward is putting on a Christmas concert, and they've asked me to accompany some people for their performances, so I've been practicing for that this week. There's also a few musical numbers for the baptisms today and next week that we've been preparing, so we've been kept on or toes with lots to do.

We're almost ready for Christmas! The zone Christmas conferences are going to be way cool.

Gotta run because we've got stuff to do, but I hope everyone has a good week! Love you all!

Spreading the word about the
#szabadítószületett initiative! Fedezd fel, hogy miért!

Elder Watson and I out tracting in a little village 
called Hűvösvölgy, just outside of Budapest

Out tracting in Hűvösvölgy! Not a lot of people wanted
to talk to us, but there were a few really nice people in the mix!

Solymár tracting! ...ended up losing my
 nametag somewhere out on top of that hill

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